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Shop Equipment & Specialty Tools

No description

Jake Galvan

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Shop Equipment & Specialty Tools

Shop Equipment & Specialty Tools Help you determine the condition of a vehicle system or specific component Diagnostic Tools Cooling System Pressure Tester Battery & Charging System Testers Tools for locating abnormal noises Electronic Stethoscope Chassis Ears Allow you to listen to noises while sitting in the driver's seat. Mostly used to pin point noises under the hood Test mechanical condition of an engine Cylinder Leak Down Tester Compression Tester Scan Tools Toyota's Tech Stream Snap-on's VERUS "DVOM" or "Volt Meter" DVOM - Digital Volt Ohm Meter "Mighty Vac" Hand Held Vacuum Pump Belt Tension Gauge Takes the guess work out of determining the proper tension of a drive belt or drive belts. Check Coolant
Condition Coolant
Machine Used to service the cooling system Jumper Cables MightyVac's allow you to test components operated by vacuum & pressure General Shop Equipment Bench Grinder / Wire Wheel Combo Oily Rag Bucket Required of all Automotive Shops Parts Washer Machine Used to clean dirty parts Jack Stands - 2 Types aka: Axle Stands
Must use when jacking up a vehicle Hydraulic Floor Jack This particular model is often referred to as a "racking jack" due to its low profile & light weight construction Engine hoist or "Cherry Picker" Uses a hand operated hydraulic cylinder to lift and maneuver 1,000 - 4,000lbs Hydraulic Press Applies thousands of pounds of pressure
with very little effort from the user. This model can apply 50,000 lbs or pressure. This much force is not needed in most automotive shops. "Puller" set Service Tools Oil filter removal tool Claw Cup Style Pliers Band Wheel Bearing Packer Clear plastic tub filled with bearing grease Also Known As "Scanners" Heat Gun Used for heating up panels or adhesives Oil Can Allows you to apply small amounts of oil without making a mess. Soldering Tools Soldering Iron Soldering Gun Cordless Drill, Battery & Charger Drill Bit Set Remote Starters Allows you to start the vehicle without being in it. Why do I need this??? Hand Held Tester Computerized Battery Analyzer/Charger Safety Glasses Required! Remember... Always use jack stands when lifting a vehicle with a floor jack. Used when removing harmonic balancers, pulleys and various steering and suspension components. Packs bearing with grease when compressed Like a Blow Dryer on Steroids Use responsibly! Constant Velocity Axle
Service Tools Creeper Used to comfortably work under vehicles after they are safely supported. Fender Covers Protects vehicle fenders being damaged Shop Equipment Continued... Face Shield More protection than safety glasses. Use especially when operating bench grinder, wire wheel or cutting tools. Safety Glasses Required in the shop at all times. Oil drain bucket Used for draining fluids from vehicles Oil Drain Pans Tubing Bender Tubing Cutter & Flaring Set Thread Repair Kit Screw Extractor Set Seat Covers Disposable Re-useable Thermometer/Temperature Gauge Measures temperature of air coming out of air conditioning vents. Digital Gauge Analog Gauge Spark Plug Boot Pliers Creating Custom Lines Used for repairing damaged bolts & nuts Used for extracting bolts and screws Snap ring pliers Angled & Straight Prevents damage to spark plug wires and protects your hands Tire Pressure Gauge AKA: Air Chuck Used to inspect & adjust air pressure in your tires Oxygen / Acetylene Torch Economical way to cut metal Helps keep customer vehicles clean $30.00 $130.00
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