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My Brother Sam is Dead Michaela

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of My Brother Sam is Dead Michaela

My Brother Sam is Dead
By: Michaela Cox
Author: James Lincoln Collier & Christopher Collier
Mr. Poveda's Class
10 Vocabulary Words
4 Important Characters

An important character in the book is Sam because he is the main character in the book. Sam is an important character i the book because he shows up the most and he is the one who gets killed.
Another important character is Tim. Tim is Sam's younger brother. Tim is important because he helps out in the tavern and he is one of the main characters.
A main character in the book is Tim's father. Tim's father is called Life. Life is an important character because he has a very important role in the story.
The last character is Tim's mother. She is called Susana. Susana is an important character in the book because when Life dies and Sam dies, she stays with Tim in the tavern and she has a great responsibility.


The setting of the book is in England. Most of the story happens close to the tavern and in the village where Tim lives. Some of the setting happens in Verplancks Point. The war is mostly in Redding.
Time Period
Which character do I identify with?
Would I change the ending of the book?
I would recommend this book because I think it is interesting and full of mysteries. I would also recommend this book because it is full of adventure and action. I think it is a fun book to read and a very creative book with lots of cool ideas about the American Revolution.
I would not change the ending of the book because I think it ended in a good ending and not in a hook. I wouldn't change how the story ended because it is not full of mysteries and you know what happen. I would leave the ending of the book like it is because you don't have to wait and read another book to find out what happened or what is going to happen.
#1. Clemency - An act or deed showing mercy or leniency.
#2. Balk - To stop as at an obstacle, and refuses to proceed or to do something specified.
#3. Flounder - To struggle clumsily or helplessly.
#4. Compulsory - Required, mandatory, obligatory.
#5. Domination - The control over.
#6. Smuggle - Import or export good secretly.
#7. Stockade - A prison for military personnel.
#8. Plume - A visible patter of smoke from a chimney.
#9. Staggering - Walk or stand unsteadily.
#10. Chink - A crack or a narrow opening.
The story,''My Brother Sam is Dead'' started in
The story started when Sam came home and started telling his family and friends how he had beaten the British. Then Sam and father got into an argument and Sam ran away. A few months later Sam came back home to get the Brown Bess to fight with.(A gun) A few more days past and there were some colonists that came into the tavern and told father to give them the gun. (Brown Bess) So when Tim saw that they were going to kill father. Then Tim went into a hut where Sam was and while Sam was sleeping, Tim got the Brown Bess. A few minutes later Sam woke up and started chasing Tim. Then Tim almost killed Sam and they both went inside the tavern to go see father. When father and Sam saw each other Sam turned around and he began running. A few days later, Mr. Heron came to the tavern. Mr. Heron offered Tim a job. The job that was offered to Tim was that he had to go to Fairfield and deliver message. Mr. Heron told Tim and father that hey were business letters. Then father and Mr. Heron started arguing wit each other and father said no. Then Mr. Heron left. The next day, Tim went to Mr. Heron's house secretly and told Mr. Heron that father ha changed his mind about taking the job. Then Mr. Hero discovered that it was a lie but he let Tim do it anyway. While Tim was caring the letter to Fairfield, he met with Betsy. Sam's girlfriend. Betsy was curious of what was in the letter so she said that the letter could get Sam and his friends killed because the letter said where Sam and his friends were so the British could kill them. Then Betsy attacked Tim and Tim never delivered the letter. Instead he said he lost it. Science then, Tim tries to avoid Mr. Heron. After some months of collecting cattle, Tim and father went to drop of the cattle in Verplancks Point. On the way there, they met with some cow boys. The cow boys stole some of the cattle and hurt father in the face. Some british men came and helped father and Tim. After days, Tim and father went back home. When Tim and father got home, Tim's cousins were there.
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