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Gaming Addiction

Presentation about Gaming Addiction and its relevance to society

Marina Palladino

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Gaming Addiction

Gaming Addiction What Is Gaming Addiction? "Excessive or compulsive use of computer video games that interferes with daily life.
May be a medium for satisfaction of arousal and reward
Excessive amount of game playing that disrupts school and social life. Why Do They Get Addicted? Spend hours living as an "other person"
May suffer from emotional problems or self worth
Entertaining What Are The Consequences? How Is The Gamer Affected? What Is Being Done About Gaming Addiction? What Parents Can Do For Children Preoccupied with gaming
Lie or hide game use
Loss of interest in other activities
Social withdrawal
Defensive and angry
Psychological withdrawal
Using gaming as an escape
Continued use despite consequences May forgo basics of survival
Loss of time
Other family members may suffer
Negative effect on academic success
Physical pains Publisher of WoW has down tuned some game play mechanisms that encourages excessive gaming
Warning messages on loading screens
Minor game design adjustments
Is it enough? Set limits on play time
push for computer games
show them different games that involve kids getting a sense of powerfulness
keep game console in family room of house, not kid's bedroom Sources AYAS, T. (2012). The Relationship between Internet and Computer Game Addiction Level and Shyness among High School Students.Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice, 12(2), 632-636.
CBS. 2011, Oct 25. Video game addiction and kids. [video file]. Retrieved from
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VAN ROOIJ, A. J., MEERKERK, G., SCHOENMAKERS, T. M., GRIFFITHS, M., & VAN DE MHEEN, D. (2010). Video game addiction and social responsibility. Addiction Research & Theory, 18(5), 489-493. doi:10.3109/16066350903168579
Young, K. (2009). Understanding Online Gaming Addiction and Treatment Issues for Adolescents. American Journal Of Family Therapy,37(5), 355-372. doi:10.1080/01926180902942191 Why Did I Choose This Topic?
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