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Victoria's Secret marketing plan

No description

pa pu

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Victoria's Secret marketing plan

coming up
... February, 2013 !


g i r l s
VS have their own website to promote products
Well- organized marketing strategy
Well- known and trustful brandname
Using sexy girls for promotion can be risky
Not really suitable for Asia culture
Focusing on few sector
Size selected
Downturn economy
Vietnamese cultural legislation
Trade barriers
Increasing demands for swimsuit in summer
Higher purchasing power
The convergence of consumer’s lifestyle
Development of technology
Co-branding with Vietnamese texture firms
Our Swimwears
Our Design
- Creativeness
- Cleverness
Our Materials
Marketing strategy
- Traditional (elastic fabrics)
Non-traditional (silk, lace...)
Perfect Stitch,
Perfect Design.
Perfect YOU !
Two Main Markets:
- Hanoi
- Ho Chi Minh City
Potential Markets
- Nha Trang
High-grade Level
- Faba (Poland):sexy & practical swimwear/
high quality & environmentally friendly material

- Triump (Germany): huge global brand/extremely good quality and unmatched support

- BSC (Thailand): affordable prices/ suitable sizes with Asian women.
Common Level
- Made in China, Korea, and Thailand
- Low Price (80.000-200.000 VND)
- Counterfeit Product from China
26-40 years old women who want to be younger and more attractive.
18-25 years old women who are young, charming and desire to boast their body beauty.
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Men who want buy gifts for their beloveds
STYLE is the key factor in positioning.
Women want to follow the STYLE of VS Angels who are sexy, sophisticated and successful.
Not only swimsuits, but also STYLE.
A chain of showrooms:
- Constructed in 2 biggest market in Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
- Located near famous commercial centers or crowded common streets.
- Eye-catching designment.
- Experienced, responsible and friendly staff.

Websites and hotlines:
- Closely associated with international websites.
- Customer services, online order.
- Receiving comments and ideas from customers.
Action Program
Find the location.
Complete bureaucracy.
... small
We will launch 2000 products.
Launch a $600 trade sales promotion campaign and provide samples.
Focus on advertising and sales promotion
Printed and online ads on newspapers and magazines
Continue our advertising campaign.
Identify customer’s needs and satisfy them
april and may
Increasing the sale revenue
Pay more attention for customer need
Prepare a fashion collection for this pageant
june, july and august
Carry out some research and analysis about our sale, service and customer taste.
Prepare plan for the next season.
Special Events
Annual Fashion Show
1.Research market
2.Caculate cost
3.Set price
Public Relation
Fairs and sponsoring for channels or programs for women or the young.
Holding our own events to bring customers perfect performances from our angles.
Maintaining and emphasizing our support towards social activities and hot issues such as environments.
Online transaction will be offered 5% price cut.
Maturity Stage
Each customer visiting our stores will be given a ticket plus card
Sales promotion should be reduced to take advantages of heavy consumer demand.
The first ten customers will be given 5% price cut for purchasing new products.
Growth Stage
Sales promotion should be increased to encourage brand switching.
In firm development, it is the stage that our company may diversify brands, models and activities.
Pricing strategy
First year : Sold out 6000 swimsuits in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
Second year : Increase the sales by 4000 products
Fifth year : Expand Vietnam market
thank you for your
Team Summer girls
Nguyen thi Phuong Anh
Do Thai Linh
Doan thi Kim Ngan
Phung thi Thu Huong
Du Thanh Huyen
Tran thi Van Trang
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