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people of the world

No description

jordan haslam

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of people of the world

by William James, Jordan Haslam and Martin Abraham. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD Our people of the world
presentation The two countries we chose were Japan and Haiti, both located on the Pacific Ocean
we will be comparing the living conditions in Japan and Haiti. like the access to technology and basic rights i.e water, education etc and we will also compare the populations of both Japan and Haiti. mortality graph technology access Age range population stats in both countries THANKS 4 WATCHING! Male female total

Japan Male female total

Haiti the population of japan was 16,597,744
28,933,845 0-14
65+ if the graph was not clear Japan mortalaty 4.41
2000 Deaths
Births mortality in Haiti Deaths
Births 104.84
2000 technology access for Japan in millions Broadband Access
64.585 Mobile telephone
129.868 Digital Television
132.323 The technology for Haiti in millions 0.051 0.05 4.2 0 Broadband Access Fixed line telephone Mobile telephone Digital Television Male female total

Japan Male female total

Haiti Broadband access Fixed line
telephone Mobile line
access Digital
television Analogue
television People (millions) for Haiti 0-14
65+ 3,490,876
383,533 Technology access for Haiti There are more people in Japan who get more rights than Haiti.
Basic Rights
People with access to the following
Clean running water Local medical Care Education Transport
Japan 18808904 7448326 2100032 18808904
Haiti 58 623 145 3245 Broadband
access Fixed telephone
access Mobile
access Digital
television Analogue
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