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The Aviator

No description

Emily G

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of The Aviator

The Aviator
Explanation of Plot
- True story based off of Howard Hughes' life
Main Characters:
How was the story presented
Essential Scenes to the Development
⁃- Quarantine scene
⁃- Hells Angels Premiere
⁃- Purchases majority interest of Trans World Airlines (TWA)
⁃- Major crash in Beverly Hills
⁃- Hercules Flying Boat order is canceled
⁃- Mortgages TWA
⁃- Hughes sinks into a deep depression

By: Sarah Djuric
Charlotte Ferderber
Emily Gray

The movie focuses on:
- The production of 'Hells Angels' (1927-1930)
- The production of 'The Outlaw' (1943)
- His breaking of the speed record
- The creation of the 'Spruce Goose'
- His TWA Airline
- His romances (Katharine Hepburn and Ava Gardner)
- His suffering due to mental illness
- Howard Hughes
- Katharine Hepburn
- Ava Gardner
Secondary Characters:
- Senator Ralph Owen Brewster
- Juan Trippe (Pan Am rival)
- Noah Dietrich (Chief Executive Officer)
Strongest and Weakest Issues
Strong Issue
- Not taken seriously rivalry between TWA and Pan Am
- Two Aviation projects (The Hercules & The Constellations)
- Breakup with Katherine Hepburn
- Issues with his many teenage girlfriends
- Rejection from Ava Gardener
- Hughes’ decline into insanity
Weaker Issues
Childhood Experiences
- Childhood memory of being bathed by his mother

- She spells out “Quarantine”

- Tells him he is unsafe
Coping Mechanisms
- Frequently is seen staring at his hands
- Washes his hands compulsively, sometimes until they bleed
- Can't touch dirty bathroom door
- Hughes is extremely intelligent especially in the field of engineering

- Could be an example of Jung’s theory of collective unconscious
Jung's Collective Unconscious
Peak of OCD
- Snaps and locks himself in a movie editing studio
- Spells out 'Quarantine' to calm himself
- Has others perform tasks exactly how he instructs or will have to repeat until done properly
- Repeats things
- Touches nothing without using Kleenex
- Does not wear clothing, bathe or use a proper toilet
- Thinks he is being watched & followed
- Sections off parts of his house that are dirty
- Fires people if they look suspicious
Overall Impact
- Saddening Impact
The decay of one's mental state
In the case of Howard Hughes:
The symptom of uncontrollable and immediate repetition of sounds and words heard usually associated with mental illness
- Immediate echolalia
- Used for comprehension
- Required calming down afterward
- Brought forth when distressed
- Shocking Impact
The reality of what one must endure with a mental illness
- Tragic Impact
The unfortunate result of his mental problems
- Flashback
- Sequential order
- Years
Major Points
- Quarantine
- Hells Angels
- Marries Kate Hepburn
- Purchases Trans World Airlines
- Hughes and Hepburn break up
- Hughes secures contracts with the Army Air Force (Spruce Goose flying boat and XF-11 reconnaissance aircraft)
- Takes months to recover after crash in Beverly Hills
- Hughes grows paranoid and plants microphones all over house
- House is searched by the FBI
- Deep depression
- Successfully test flies the H-4
- The way of the future
Secondary Points

- Flies around the world in 4 days
- Pan Am gets monopoly on international air travel
- Ava Gardner gets Hughes ready for court hearing
- Sets new speed record (1935)
Potential Impact on Others
- Saddening, shocking and tragic impact
But also:
- Awe (for those interested in aviation, war-time history or film-making )
- Confusion (for those with little background knowledge of Howard Hughes)
Enhancement of Understanding
Better grasp of:
- The process of decay in one's mental state
- The impulsiveness of certain individuals
- The desire to have everything perfect
- How one's desires can triumph over all
A definite must-see:
- Accumulated 60 awards and 70 separate nominations
- Provides a fascinating view on how one can lose their sanity
- Supplies insight on historic events
- One gains compassion for those who suffer
Suggestion for Future Viewers
Those wishing to watch 'The Aviator' should keep in mind:
- The movie was based on the true story of Howard Hughes' accomplishments and failures
- That if any symptoms of Mr. Hughes have a presence in the life of the viewer, it is recommended that said viewer should seek medical help
Discussion Question #1
Imagine you are in the presence of an individual who exhibits the intense symptoms of Howard Hughes that were previously mentioned (paranoia, echolalia, germophobia, etc). How would you behave around them/towards them? How do you suppose that would affect them?
Discussion Question #2
How do you suppose one must adjust one's decision making/lifestyle choices when suffering from a mental illness? How would having OCD in particular affect an individual?
- Faced with Reality Anxiety
- Deals using reclusion & rationalization
- Many cultures
- Fame experienced by Hughes
- Fame experienced by Hepburn
- The airplane hangar where Hughes works

- Hughes is a constant example of deviant behaviour
- Class conflict between Hughes and Hepburn family
- Hepburns act as though they are superior to Hughes who is not born rich
- Different socialization towards concept of money
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