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I love california

walk through california

Computer 17

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of I love california

Kaden Roney

Mrs. Green's Class Walk Through California california's history facts back home hear's a little bit of california's history's facts!
. did you know spain used to rule california
california used to be called new spain
california also used to be called new mexico. finaly back at school walk through california was
about learning about ca.s history. finally MRS.jasmine
anonceis the winners of the gold certificit is.................
. our group won the orange jucers i learned alot about
california. spanish did you know that the spanish
first setteld in california thats
when father sara setteld to. Expert word my expert word is vally
a vally is a low flat surface between mountains and hills. My favorite part of walk through califorinia was saying my expert word but i had a lot of favroite parts let me name you all of them
.the time machine
.that i learned new things it was AWSOME
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