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House of Night Sereis

After a Vampire Tracker Marks her with a crescent moon on her forehead, 16-year-old Zoey Redbird enters the House of Night and learns that she is no average fledgling. She has been Marked as special by the vampyre Goddess Nyx and has affinities for all fi

Joledan Wyacebbib

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of House of Night Sereis

The House of Night
Series Theme House of Night is a series of vampire-based fantasy novels by author P. C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. It follows the adventures of Zoey Redbird, a sixteen-year-old girl who has just become a fledgling Vampyre and is required to attend the House of Night boarding school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Real life House of Night Characters Zoey Redbird House of night Religion The House of Night series is filled with religion. The House of Night religion is, in the words of P.C. Cast, heavily pagan and Wiccan based, with a huge influx of Native American myth and legend. Within Vampyre society, the primary Goddess is a benevolent female named Nyx, who, at the beginning of the series, appears to Zoey and tells her that she will be Nyx's agent in the House of Night. Vampyres and fledglings cast a magic circle to communicate with Nyx or to harness the power of the elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Some demons from Cherokee mythology also play an important part in later volumes, and the Raven Mockers,Kalona and Tsi Sgili are taken from real Cherokee legends. Zoey is the leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons and is in
training to be the next High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night. Since entering the House of Night, Zoey has been dealing with three boyfriends while saving the world. Zoey has the unusual gift of being able to call upon each element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.
Damien is a fun-loving member of the Nerd Herd, known for his impeccable vocabulary and ability to get along with everyone. Damien has an affinity for Air. Damien Maslin Erin Bates Erin is best friends with “Twin” Shaunee Cole, who is also her roommate at the House of Night. She is very fashion-forward and boy conscious. Erin is also a member of the Nerd Herd and has an affinity for Water. Shaunee Cole Shaunee is the other half of “Twin” Erin Bates. Like Erin, she loves staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Shaunee is a member of the Nerd Herd and has an affinity for Fire. Jack Twist Jack is Damien’s boyfriend , a complete sweetheart, and new to the House of Night. He is a technology genius and can install or hack anything. Jack takes care of Stark’s dog, Duchess, and spends much of his time keeping Duchess away from the cats at the House of Night Nefret Neferet is the High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night. Her Goddess-given gifts include special healing powers and great intuition. Erik Night Erik recently completed the Change and is a substitute Drama Professor at the House of Night. He has won many awards for his performances. Erik previously dated Aphrodite, but became Zoey’s boyfriend when she joined the House of Night. Shekinah Shekinah is the High Priestess of all vampyres and sits on the High Council. Stevie Ray Johnson Stevie Rae is Zoey’s best friend and the first fully Changed red vampire. She considers herself to be very “Okie,” and her favorite piece of clothing is her roper jeans. Stevie Rae is the leader of the red fledglings and has a very special affinity for Earth. James Stark James, who prefers to simply be called Stark, is a transfer from the Chicago House of Night. He is the archery champion of all vamps, and hits his mark every time. He's also Zoe's boyfreind. Aphrodite LaFont Aphrodite is the ex-leader of the Dark Daughters and the Frenemy of Zoey. Aphrodite is in vampyre/human limbo, but still possesses Nyx-given abilities such as prophetic visions Heath Luck Heath is Zoey’s on-again, off-again high school boyfriend and human consort, and also the quarterback for Broken Arrow High School’s football team. Grandma Syvia Redbird Sylvia Redbird is Zoey’s grandmother. She was raised in the Cherokee tradition and proves to be very helpful in explaining ancient fables.(She is frekin' awesome!! We love her)(not in a creepy way) Nyx Nyx is the embodiment of Night, and very similar to the Earth Goddess, Gaia. She is everywhere. Nyx gifts fledglings and vampyres with special powers. She is not jealous or vindictive, but she does not tolerate liars and her path is not always an easy one to tread. My Cast Video Series Afwerking! (Dutch for finish) By:P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast
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