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Kristine Nguyen

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Auschwitz

A u s c h w i t z
Six grueling and bloody years of World War II had finally come to an end...
Adolf Hitler had won World War II. The Germans had won!
Hitler had the philosophy that the Aryan race were the highest in power and authority over any other race. He believed that Jews and other minority groups were inferior to the Aryans and must die in order to cleanse the planet.
Since his victory, he continued to wipe out the vast millions in Jewish populations until every last one of them were obliterated.
A lot of changes were made to the world since his victory and eventual world domination... Hitler had a growing population of his Aryan race that continued to thrive in millions and millions until they became the ultimate race of the planet earth.
Not too long after... Hitler targeted the other minority races such as the Asians, Africans, and everyone else . They all fought against Hitler's forces but he was proved to be too strong for them. His war strategies were brilliant. They were annihilated. Eventually, one by one, each world power including the U.S. fell to Nazi power.
After Jonathan escaped from the
power plant, some men from the government
find him wandering around. They explained to
him that they are trying to expose the current
A thousand years passed since Adolf Hitler's victory in World War II, and a lot has changed. Everyone had blue eyes and blond hair and lived in highly advanced technological homes and buildings. Technology became the norm everywhere, and became a necessary force in everyone's lives for survival... and just for their convenience.
government and how wrong it is. Jonathan was confused because he just assumed that how life was. Until he saw the videos of people being killed for their skin color and what kind of race they were. Then they showed him how the Aryans were living. He had never been more upset in his life. He wanted to make sure people knew what was really going on and make sure it never happened again. He was willing to do just about anything to make sure this never happened again. The officials explained what he needed to do. He was ready for the challenges he faced as long as it helped exposed this evil.
While a perfect society had been created after a millennium, not every single minority individual had been killed off... The government conceals very deep secrets that are kept away from the public in order to keep things running smoothly...
Where are these remaining minority groups?

You shall see their specific purpose...
Chapter 5
This is how everyone looks now... Everyone looks the same. Genetic engineering has been used widely to promise a child will be a perfect Aryan.
After they talked to Jonathan they explained that he would become an Aryan citizen. He was confused. He didn't think he could just become one of them. He was handed blue colored contacts to put in his eyes and bleach for his hair.
He put the contacts in and had one of the officials get someone to put the bleach in his hair. He looked in the mirror and couldn't even recognize himself. He didn't expect this to actually work out. After that he went to get some clothes for his new office job he would be working. Jonathan was still a little uneasy about the whole thing, but he had come to trust them and become friends with them. He just hoped that the plan worked smoothly. The thought of what could happen if this didn't work out made him even m ore focused.
1,000 years later
Chapter 2
Chapter 6
Jonathan AKA "Johnny" is a 25 year old young man who had been raised in the Plant ever since he was very young and has never been outside of it. He is very intelligent and has worked on the generators (that generate power to an unknown source) for a long time. He is very good with machinery, and for a while... had known deep inside of him that something was very off about the area where he lived and how the caretakers had treated everyone else with brown hair and darker eyes in a cold manner. He had known the difference as a certain caretaker (hidden in white suits) of his had treated him with kindness instead of coldness. His ingenuity is kept hidden as he was told by his caretaker to disguise it for an unknown reason. He was always curious about the outside world since he was very young and wanted to go outside of his world.
Chapter 7
After a couple months of working in
the offices, Jonathan had already climbed
to the top of the corporate ladder. He had the intelligence that most people only dream of having. He learned very quickly and knew how to make things move more quickly.
Since Jonathan was earning higher positions,
there were things he overheard and researched about what was happening outside of the city; people that looked just like him (originally) were still getting killed off in concentration camps by the government in order to get rid of every one of them; to "cleanse the earth". The public didn't know about it. He also came across the conclusion and fact that the screens brainwashed people with propaganda to live normally as though everything was perfect.
The society is perfect; everyone looks the same (blond hair and blue eyes) so there is no racism. Everyone is in the same social class except the high government officials who hold the highest power of the society. Everyone depends on the government who provide them with superior technology, homes, buildings. news, and trends. Everyone lives and functions in computerized buildings that tend to everyone's needs and wants. The norm of the technology that everyone is required to have are high-tech screens that every single person per home must have. These screens provide news, entertainment, and security as there are surveillance cameras inside of them to make sure if something bad happens or malfunctions, help will always come.
Far away from the city, there is a large power plant that have workers work day and night in them to provide the city's power. These workers are the Aryan people who had the misfortune of possessing hair and eye colors that weren't blond and blue due to genetic engineering mistakes. Not having these traits showed you were apart of an inferior race. Instead of screens, they have tracker chips that were instilled in their brain since their early childhood. They keep the workers from going outside of the Plant.
No one knows of each other's different society except the government caretakers that raise and care for these workers since they were babies. They have sworn in secrecy, and no one must know about it.
Chapter 8
It used to be like this...
Screen everyone must have.
After Jonathan found out that information, he passed it onto the officials he befriended. Hopefully helping that slow the process.
These surveillance cameras are everywhere.
Typical structure of building.
What a typical home looks like inside.
Chapter 3
Even after a 1,000 years, people continue to worship Adolf Hitler who gave them the perfect society and race.
The tracker chip.
One day while Jonathan was working on a generator, it suddenly crashed. It overheated due to far too much usage on its power rather than making it. As he was carefully trying to repair the wrecked machinery, Jonathan got severely shocked by the electricity by accident. He nearly died as the shock went through his whole body. He felt an extreme pain in the back of his head, and that's when his tracker chip imploded and broke. He was no longer going to be tracked by the government. He was in a coma for a couple of weeks before awakening and getting back to work.
He figured out how to hack into all the screens and project what he wanted, when he wanted. This could be it. He could anonymously send messages to their screens and pictures of people working in the plants as slaves. He sent out pictures and explained what was going on to a few people at a time. About an hour after, he took his chances and sent more pictures and explanations to more and more people. Jonathan knew he was going to suffer consequences of his actions soon, but he wasn't going to let that stop him from exposing the government.
The electrical plant
Getting electrocuted.
Chapter 4
After getting back into tune with working, a fellow worker had mysteriously disappeared from sight altogether. There was something very ominous happening among the government officials that watched over the workers. Jonathan realized he had to get out of the Plant. He knew deep down in his gut that there was so much beyond the power plant, but he just didn't know what. He decided during a short break to just get out of there, and knowing he didn't have a tracker chip anymore, it was much easier. He snuck out of the factory with difficulty as he tried to get past the surveillance and succeeded.
Getting back to work
Inside of the Plant
Chapter 9
Jonathan heard a loud demanding knock on his door. He expected it to be one of the officials to tell him some good news. It was the opposite. The military was on his front doorstep. Just as they were about to take him away, they got a call from the leader of the government told them to come immediately to the Capital. There were riots and government workers were being attacked. Jonathan didn't think that there would be this kind of reaction to the pictures he sent. This is EXACTLY what they had hoped for.
Chapter 10
Jonathan felt like this was the right time to reveal who he really is; a non Aryan. He dyed his hair back to his normal color and removed his contacts. He went to the power plants and released all of the workers. He had a press conference to explain what was going on and that things would be drastically changing everywhere. Jonathan knew that this would be a great beginning to an amazing future.
Ever since Jonathan's exposure of the government had taken place, people everywhere slowly began to get to know the darker hair minorities of people and began coexisting with them. The government was overthrown into a more peaceful and accepting one. Jonathan became the leader of the city that would eventually become like it once was a millenium ago, but only better.
Chapter 1
View on Natural World
No one knows about what's outside of the empire except the very high government officials. They control concentration camps that kill off the remaining numbers of minority groups from Asians, indigenous groups, Indians, Africans, and etcetera. They keep this completely confidential as anyone knowing about this will cause an uproar so they keep everything in society desirable and perfect. Nature is overgrown with forests and animals except in areas with the camps.
People killed off because of their race
Dying hair to blond
Wearing blue eye contacts
Jonathan living as an Aryan
Hacking into the system
Getting arrested
The riots in the city
Getting interviewed about the situation
Releasing the workers
Having a press conference
Coexistence of all races
The Society
The people live in a dehumanized state as they ultimately rely on technology in their everyday lives. They also rely on the government for everything such as news, supplies, and everything else. Since the government's exposure, they began to think for themselves without the help of the screens and technology. There are three different classes in this society; the government officials are at the top, the Aryan people that live in the middle class, and then the darker haired group of people that live to provide power for the city of Aryans. The last class isn't known until the exposure of the government by Jonathan.
Religion and Other Cultural Aspects
There is no religion, but the Aryans highly respect Adolf Hitler that had given them their "perfect" society. They were educated since they were little that he had done no evils (wiped out Jews) and so they consider Hitler a good hero when he really wasn't.
The Aryans have large families of many children that go to a normal school. They are educated about jobs they may want in the city, and may eventually go to college if they so wished to pursue their chosen career. They are raised about looking the same as everyone else. There is no poverty in Auschwitz as the government feeds everyone. The darker haired people were raised in the Plant since they were babies and grew up to having factory jobs to produce electricity. These people were born in Aryan families but were taken away because of the mistake of them having darker hair and eyes. The Aryan mothers are told their unfortunate offspring are dead in order to take the babies to the Plant to become slaves. This causes an outrage in the exposure of the government.
Aryan children play with electronic toys and games for fun. Older people use the technology (screens) for entertainment. The people don't have much an initiative to move around as much unless it's school or work.
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