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Global Rhythms 2014

No description

Srinivas Krishnan

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Global Rhythms 2014

Global Rhythms
We Are Together
Ravi Shankar and George Harrison
Miami Alum Brian Diller will be conducting a wind ensemble comprising members from the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. This composition is set to Ek Tal (12 beat cycle) and in Raga Kirwani. This piece was premiered at the Festival of India in 1974 at London. Thus, this is the 40th Anniversary to honor Pandit Ravi Shankar, who was responsible to implement several global initiatives in bringing the world together.
Patakha Guddi
This is a composition by AR Rahman from a 2014 thriller movie "Highway", directed by Imtiaz Ali. The piece is arranged along the lines of Punjabi Sufi music. It is performed by the Tamaya World Choir with dancers from Miami University (ISA) and University of Cincinnati.
Rolling in the Deep
Kelsey Harmon will perform this piece, originally recorded by British pop singer, Adele, with her writer Paul Epworth. Kelsey is a Country, Pop and Soul artist and is joined by guest artists Guan Jie (zheng), Glen Velez (shakers), Prathiba Natesan (dance), Tamaya World Choir, Mitch Frohman (saxophone), Miami University percussion studio, Matt Flynn and Jim Lentini (guitar)
is an original composition of Sergio Mendes (pictured above), a Brazilian musician famous for his heavy crossings between Bossa Nova music with jazz and funk. This piece characterized by its repetitive style will be performed by
Tamaya World Choir, under the leadership of Mr. Juan Carlos Alberon (picture below) and guests include the MU Percussion Studio, Ogade, African Student Union, James Lentini, Mitch Frohman and Aditya Phadke
Tribute to
Freedom Summer
Featured tonight are dancers Pete Suarez (Argentina) and Pratibha Natesan (Kathak) along with Maeve Gilchrist on harp.
Hunker down is a folk group from Colorado featuring Miami Alum Andy Straus (mandolin, vocals), Bobby Krech (fiddle), and Branon Barrett on banjo. Today, they are joined by Glen Velez (frame drum/shakers), Jason Koontz (tambourine), Mitch Frohman (saxophone), James Olcott (trumpet) and members from the MU Percussion studio on an original tune by Andy Straus
Shanti Choir
Tabla Ensemble
Jim Feist has been studying tabla for the last two decades and has shared his knowledge with many young students from around the city, from children in the community to students at the University of Cincinnati.
Guan Jie, Glen Velez, Mathew Allen,
and Cleveland Johnson - Th
Guan Jie (China) on Zheng, Grammy winner Glen Velez on frame drums, Matthew Allen (Professor of Music, Wheaton College) on vocals, Cleveland Johnson (Director of National Music Museum, South Dakota) on keyboard and others will work together to create variations of a traditional Chinese composition (and relate the same to Raga Bhoopali) and conclude with
(composed by Gopalakrishna Bharati) in Raga Devagandhari.

African Ensemble
Maestro Aboubacar Sylla
is a native of Guinea and currently residing in Austin, TX. He, Jason Koontz and Dave Watkins will lead this segment with two pieces -
Ilalee and Sunu
. Leon Enneking is a middle school General Music teacher in Batesville, IN. World music plays a big role in his classroom, where students learn traditional Ghanian tunes. Miami Percussion studio, four-time Grammy Winner Glen Velez,
MU Co-ed Hip Hop Ensemble
, Vanderbilt Bhangradores, and Ogade will collaborate to perform these pieces from Guinea and Ghana.
Southern Gateway Chorus
Southern Gateway Chorus conduced by Jeff Legters is a not-for-profit organization comprising male a cappella harmony singers dedicated to enriching lives in the Greater Cincinnati community by promoting vocal music education for youth, and by providing family friendly entertainment in the barbershop style.
Rhythm X
Rhythm X is regarded as the most innovative percussion team in the world, and were WGI World Champions in competitions (2008, 1012, and 2013). Several Miami Alum who were part of Global Rhythms are part of this team that was founded in 2001 as a small percussion ensemble. Quickly they grew to become a premier performance ensemble in the Winter Guard International World Class. Now, they serve to not only educate their own performers, but to push the limits of their art.
Kaila Washington,
Victor Magro
Eve O’Brien

Patrick Grimone,
Nicole Ridge
Leah Simon

Renee Muir,
Eric Black

Joseph Trench,
Alex Boyer
Jack Fetick

French Horns
Kayla Cavano,
Robert Grandbois,
Rachel Laker
Augusta Reisling
Danielle Rymers
Kara Sauer

Adam Dolfi,
Ryan Steward
Elise Ware

Bobby Fisco,
Dustin Goes
Rachel Harris
Jonathan Lucy

Alex Stahl

Molly Hickey,
Amanda Simensky,
Matthias Greinacher,

Silver Flight,

Shelby Mass,

Drew Antle
Shannon Barnes
Erin Dodd
Maureen Driscoll
Isabel Held
Sarah Horowitz
Grace Jackson
Anna Love
Kate Marani
Abby Marosi
Jordan Millard
Bailey Miller
Meghan Shaughnessy
Christina Tenison
Vincent Tong
Alec Vivian
Robert Warton

Christian Sugarev,
Ashley Overby,

Audrey Borgert,

Chandni Chandiramani
Caroline Danzi
Mia Ritter
Evan Ruckel
Valerie Westin
Leanne Zappia

Miami University Symphony Orchestra
Christian Sugarev,
Ashley Overby,

Audrey Borgert,

Chandni Chandiramani
Caroline Danzi
Mia Ritter
Evan Ruckel
Valerie Westin
Leanne Zappia

Jeremy Kulbarsh,
Jon Dixon
Pat Esarey
Jacob Kissinger
Andrew Klingel
James McGary
David Tweddell
Guest artists:
Rhythm X Productions
Glen Velez (four-time Grammy winner)
Abou Sylla (Guinea, Africa)
Jayteerth Mevundi (Hubli, India)
Maeve Gilchrist (Celtic harp, Scotland)
Peter Suarez (Bolas/Flamenco - Argentina)
Guan Jie (Zheng artist - China)
Kelsey Harmon (Country, Pop and Soul artist)
Mitch Frohman (Latin Jazz - flute and saxophone)
Hunker Down (Bluegrass)
Matthew Harp Allen (Vocals)
Cleveland Johnson (keyboard)
James Lentini (guitar)
James Olcott (Trumpet)
Jaime Morales Matos (trombone)
African and Brazilian Ensemble at Miami and EKU
Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes and Drums Band (Bagpipe Ensemble)
Raga Ensemble (College-Conservatory of Music, UC)
Gyle Ensemble, Africa (Batesvillle)
Vanderbilt BhangraDores Dance team
Miami ISA Dance team
Prathiba Natesan (Kathak dance)
Ogade Ensemble and African Student Union
Caledonian Pipe and Drum Ensemble
Sincere thanks
Oxford Gourd and
Drum Ensemble
Lew Hoffmann
Sue Marvin
Matt Flynn
Karen Vaught
Joe Gemma
Eric Cole
Pete Carels
Kevin Bunger
James Hutson
Rolling In the Deep
Kelsey Harmon, soloist
Glen Velez, frame drum
Jason Koontz, hand percussion
Dave Watkins, surdo
James Lentini, guitar
Matt Flynn, bass
Mitch Frohman, saxophone
Tamaya World Choir
The Shanti Choir comprises a diverse group of singers who have lent their voice to the production 'Shanti: A Journey of Peace' that recently celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Aronoff Center for the Arts. They will perform arrangement "Chaturang in Charukesi" composed and conducted by their director, Mr. Kanniks Kannikeswaran. Kanniks has collaborated with Cincinnati Pops and Lakshmi Shankar and was featured on NPR. This choir features several members from the Greater Cincinnati Indian community, including accompaniment by strings players and a flautist from College-Conservatory of Music.
A composition of Barbatuques - this high energy piece from Brazil personifies the joy of singing. It features the Tamaya World Choir (including members of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute in the College of Engineering and Computing), under the direction of Miami Alum T.J. Pearson, Dave Watkins, Ogade Ensemble, MU Percussion Studio, Matt Flynn, Jason Koontz, Jim Lentini and others are featured.
Originally recorded by British indie rock band, The Zutons, the
Miami Misfitz
will perform Amy Winehouse's notable recording featured in the film '27 Dresses.' The Misfitz's latest album can be found in the iTunes store.
Vanderbilt BhangraDores
Harini Suresh
Neal Kapoor
Abhi Pandya
Tushita Srivatsav
Sparsh Gupta
Miami University Symphony Orchestra
Ricardo Averbach, Music Director
Shanti Choir
Amit Sinha
Anee Deka
Anjali Narayanan
Aruna Vadlamani
Bhavani Kasibhatla
Bitaan Basu
Brinda Subramaniam
Dinesh Mani
Hardi Rindani
Jayalakshmi Raghavan
Jayeeta Roychowdhury
Kaushik Shettlur
Kishore Bageshpur
Kusum Patel
Latika Lalwani
Mahesh Nagesh
Meera Viswanathan
Michelle Umrani
Mukta Phatak
Catherine Sherron
Cynthia Crews
Nambirajan Sundaram
Nayantara Ray
Neeru Arora
Ninad Umrani
Nita Parikh
Nivedita Bakshi
Maya Malaviya
Prasan Malaviya
Prema Govind
Ram gopalakrishnan
Rama Nagaraj
Rupal Patel
Sameer Parasnis
Saswati Datta
Seema Inamdar
Shailaja Vattayam
Shanta K
Sneha Satish
Sohini PalDey
Sridhar Subramaniam
Srinivasan Venkatraman
Linda Edington
Sudha Kumar
Sweta Srikanth
Veda Setlur
Vidya Naik
Vina Jhaveri
Vishwas Bakshi
Vrinda Lele
Maya Malaviya
Lalita Satyal
Neha Borkar
Srilakshmi Hari
Sandhya Parshionikar
Sundar Raghavan
Sunanda Manohar
Janice Alvarado
Marsha Drucker
Manuel Sussarrett
Marge Webb
Cynthia Crews
Brad Kirkendall
Marge Webb
Kanniks Kannikeswaran, Director
Mitch Frohman
James Olcott
Jaime Morales Matos
Jayteerth Mevundi
Pandit Jayteerth Mevundi
Renu Sahr
Indu Iyer
Jiya Chandy
Maya Henry Maingi
Victoria Eleanor McDevitt
Maximillian Jansen
Megan Terlau
Devra Levy
Kelly Richmond
Emily Kraushar
Kumar Srinivasan
Rajev Mehta
by AR Rahman, arr Nicholas Wright
Clasiqueando Con Ruben
Afro Cuban All Stars , arr. Brian Diller
Kate Kate
Ayo Re Sakhi
by AR Rahman, arr Matt Dunkley
(from the film Water)
(from Lord of the Rings)
by AR Rahman, arr Brian Diller
Engae Pogutho
(from Kochadaiyaan)
by AR Rahman, arr Matt Dunkley
Maa Tujhe Salaam
Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Chorale
with members of the Mason Chorale
Tamaya Percussion & Dance Ensemble
Jason Koontz
Dave Watkins
Alicia Norrod
Lew Hoffmann
Sue Marvin
Matt Flynn
Karen Vaught
Will McAdams
Joe Gemma
Eric Cole
Pete Carels
Kevin Bunger
Sam Abowitz
Devra Levy, Rehearsal and Site Coordinator
Department of Music, College of Creative Arts, College of Engineering and Computing, Graduate School, Office of Student Affairs, Parents Fund, Confucius Institute, Office of Development, Alumni Affairs, Ann Wicks, Pat Willeke, Renu Sah, Kris and Vicky Joshi, Sujatha and Ravi Parthasarathy, Arvind and Bala Viswanathan, Sathish Pathakota, Silvi Rothschild, Andrew Flad, Ricardo Averbach, Doug Watson, Louise Mormon, Dana Lentini, Lisa Iams, Pete Carels, Brad Clark, Paul Stanbery, Craig Harkrider, Pamela Fox, Rob Abowitz, and Kale & Kulkarni Family

Choral teams:
The Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Chorale with members of the Mason Chorale
Southern Gateway Chorus
Shanti Choir
Tamaya Chorus

Planning committee
Miami Alum: Jason Koontz, Adam Mason, Sean O'Neill, Laura Mock, Emily Williams, TJ Pearson and Brian Diller
Dorothy Falke, Mary Jane Berman, and Erika Dockery

Miami Association of Filmmakers and Independent Actors (MAFIA), Sean O'Neill, Meghan Gallagher and Marsha Baxter

Audio and Sound
: John Hutton, Tritech Light and Sound

: Vera Olcott

Miami Misfitz
Connie Huff
Jenny Lewin
Tara Rissmeyer
Sarah Manning
Rachael Herriman
Anna Beth Schneider
Sophia Pappageorge
Meg Terlau
Abby Morris
Alicia Di Scipio
Stephanie Wade
Megan Maszka
Anna Nold
Annie Weidner
Emily Lazor
Katie Easton
Lauren Kammerling
Violins 1
Molly Hickey, concertmaster
Anna Love
Maureen Driscoll

Violins 2
Shelby Mass
Rachel Flight
Marion Peraza de Webb

Christian Sugarev
Caroline Danzi
Chandni Chandiramani

Teresa Slonaker
Victoria Slabinski

Jeremy Kulbarsh

Global Rhythms Camerata
Ricardo Averbach, Music Director
Lorraine Kudayah
Arnold Kamazima
Shanice Wiechman
Briana Freeman
Desire Ouattara
Ndeye Guisse
Ian Taggart
Genevieve Brigida
Isaac Sparks
Josh Anglin
D'Ante McNeal
Kevin Paratchek
Michael Berg
Ryan Ettenhofer
Daniel Ferriell
Sarah Gartner
Erik Hokinson
Brian Jones
Heather Horne
Elizabeth Kinkopf
Eric Lee
Zachary McKinney
Jordan Moran
Jason Sauer
Nicholas Truster
Yujie Bai
Cody Young
Yiman Zhao
David Gayda
Chandni Chandiramani
Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute
Featuring Abou Sylla, Jason Koontz,
Jayteerth Mevundi and Maeve Gilchrist
Farika is a composition that unites Maeve Gilchrist (Scotland) on Celtic Harp, Jason Koontz (Miami Alum) on steel pan, Abou Sylla (Guinea, Africa) on balafon, Jayteerth Mevundi (Hubli, India) on vocals and others will be featured. The personality here is always improvised and never fixed. They will find ways to expand the music, go in and out of range and always remain effective.
Devra Levy
Kelly Richmond
Emily Kraushar
Renu Sah
Avnika Bali
Sophie Peterson
Tara Verghis
Lalita Satyal
Maddy Abowitz
Jordan Gravely
Nitya Nambiar
Annika Balish
Sanchit Ram Arvind
Grace Huddleston
Maya Henry-Maingi
Dawna Peterson
Sachi Bhati
Shravya Kamaraju
Rachana Gollapudi
Rasika Rane
Sai Allena
James Hutson

Tamaya World Choir
(Baiana and Patakha Guddi)
Et Wah
Kate, Katerino is a composition from the Balkan region brought to Global Rhythms by Michael Delchev, who was invited to Miami for a one-week residency when he worked on this repertoire with our students.
Tori Alexander
Alessandro Botta-Blondet
Ashley Charles
Henry Crockett
Allexis Davis
Zuri Davis
Sam Dunton
Candido Garcia
Rebeca Garcia De Jesus
Patrick George
Zachariah Gray
Kaitlyn Greulich
Lawrence Hedvat
Drew Hohlt
Hope Hurd
Emily Iammarino
JuJuan Johnson
Samantha Kelly
Airion Kosak
Stephanie LeMire
Zachary Lewis
LJ Livingston
Taj Mahal
Tabitha Nolan
Brianna Noll
Allyson Oman
Ana Perez Cordoba
Teresa Reyes-Galan
Javier Salas
Jesus Salas
Dani Stelzer
Dustin Stout
Anna Subler
Dion Wade
Megan Wade
Nicholas Walter
Timothy Adelman
Erin Antonelli
Kyle Bedford
Patrick Bedford
Nick Bird
Brett Buccigross
Collin Buchanan
Ricardo Calles-Acevedo
George Campbell
Jordan Carr
Andrew Circelli
Andrew Clendenen
Travis Daulton
Alexander Ehrman
Sam Gerst
Noah Gilbert
Alden Gregory
John Hawkins
Griffin Hermes
Stephanie Hess
Daniel Isfort
Brett Kaufman
Stephanie Keller
John Longaberger
Samantha McCauley
Christopher Murphy
Tyrin Nelson
Marshall Newman
Michael Piersante
Sierra Radik
Gary Randolph
Hart Savino
David Scott
Tom Smotrich
Nicole Spilka
David Strenk
Joe Tarkington
Sarah Vito
Grant Wehr
Tamaya World Choir (Magalehna)
Conductors: Ricardo Averbach and Paul Stanbery
Juan Carlos Albarran, director
Miami Co-Ed
Hip Hop Team
Morgan Liddic
Zannah Carson
Chloe Smith
Britton Troth
John Spain
Tola Adedipe
Taylor Hosey
Pat Bender
Tricia Davis
Elle Clausner
Sami Chalupa
Shannon Kinney
Alex Underwood
Alyssa Henkelman
Rowan Villaver
Emily Trauth
Tina Fowler
Jake Knight
Jenna Tebbing
Sarah Glavin
Daeleon Gray
Isaiah Fleetwood
Drew Keim
Olivia Bentley
Mo Spain
Lydia Hudak
A.R. Rahman and KM Music Conservatory
Global Rhythms Guest of Honor
Strings: Leo Le, Gao; Judy Hsiu-ju, Tsai; Yu Chi Chang, Bo-Yun, Li; Helen Kai-Lun, Sun;
Flute: Moon Munjung Kwag
Alice Angi
Angela Hopkins
Angela Worley
Anita Middleton
Anne Garrison Musuraca
Anne Garrison Whelpton
Arline Argentati
Barbara Johnson
Bronwyn J. Nelson
Bruce Helton
Carole Phillips
Catherine L. Leugers
Cedric Hicks
Charis Peterson
Charles Koehler
Charmaine C. Turner
Cheryl Barrett
Christine Sawyer
Connie Baesel
Cristina Bru
Dale Bottoms
Dan Phares
Dana Mehl
David Sherrard
Diana Easterly
Diana McClung
Diana McDonough
Diane Line
Don Bishop
The Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Chorale and members of Mason Chorale
Donna Lienhart
Donna Shaw
Donna Stevens
Dorothy Russell
Ellie Dinger
Emily Eberwine
Fred Shuurmann
George T. Beckett
Ginger Spence
Ginny McClure
Greg Silva
Greg Sliger
Heather Reichle
Jackie Marshall
Jane Rose Green
Jim Burich
Jim Patton
Joan Angst
Joan Dougherty
John Anaple
John Bennett
Joyce Misinec
Judith C. Nelson
Judy McMahon
Judy Sarvak
Karen Mail
Karen Walton
Karen R. Satterfield
Kathie Kemp
Kathryn Brokaw
Kerrie Olzak
Kurt Schuler
Kyle Conley
Laurin Sprague
Leanna Mullins
Lew Hoffman
Lila Butts
Linda Bartel
Lois Anaple
Lori Bridgers
Lorraine Davis
Louise Hill
Lyn McQuiniff
Lynn Baird
M. June Winkler
Marcia Puckett
Marguerite Preese
Marjorie Bowers
Mark McClure
Martha Rose
Martha Jane Spain
Mary Baer
Mary Epp
Mary Krieger
Mary Pierson
Mary St. John
Melissa Noll
Michael Snyder
Natalie M. Amato
Patricia L. Kuykendall
Paul Taggart
Paul Thoms
Paula Dabbelt
Paula Aug Seger
Peggy Jamison
Peggy Ottke
Phyllis A. Barrett
Ray Mick
Rene McKinstry
Richard Vance
Richard L. Ruby
Robert Baesel
Robert Love
Robert (Bob) George
Robin Thomas
Russell Phillips
Samuel E. Sippel
Sandi Stemwedel
Sandra Buchanan
Sandra Cotter
Sandy Himes
Sharon Hughes
Shirley Sheets
Sian Strengarity
Sue Samoviski
Sydney Stow
Teresa Bayer Iltzsch
Thomas Burdin
Thomas Woods
Timothy Prince
Tina Saurber
Tisha Patton
Todd W. Witt
Toni Christen
Trudy Jester
Vera A. Cook
Vickie M. Snyder
Vicky Shuler
Virginia Woods
Virginia M. Smith
Paul J. Stanbery, Director
Daniel Brinson
Dave Watkins
Robert Head
TJ Pearson - Vocal Coach
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