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No description

Mrs. Almazan

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Tsunami

Thank you Britannica for the images!
Description of Storm
A tsunami moves 250 miles per hour.
How it begins
Earthquakes shake under water and it makes the wave moves that crashes in a place with alot of water.
Location/Time of year/Season
Most of them happen in the pacific ocean.

By : Coralia a
Today your gonna learn about deadly tsunami!
nnd Jheremy
It begins with a earthquake that are in the ocean or water or lake.
The pacific ocean.
The Poor Women
Her family got injured of a
tsunami so she waits in the
hospital for a long time .

The earthquake occurred off Japan's coast and mesured 9 on the Richer scale.
Tv's help by telling when a
tsunami will happen .
Same with the earthquake.
The earthquake
mesured 9.1 on the
Richer scale.
The big tsunamis killed hundreds,thousends of people in the pacific ocean.
Takes up to be 100 feet high.
Interesting Facts
In 2004 a lucky baby it
was in the tsunami and the
baby survived the tsunami
A survivor of Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 waiting for her relatives to be recovered in a hospital. Sri Lanka. January 5, 2005.. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 23 Sep 2015.
A tsunami called krakatoa that's the most dagerous and killed alot of people.
The worst tsunami happen in 2004 in
the Indian ocean.
By:Coralia Jheremy
for reading to learn more about
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