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10 Principles of Good [Web] Design

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Dominic Schweingruber

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of 10 Principles of Good [Web] Design

Dieter Rams
German Industrial Designer
Known for his work with BRAUN (1950's)
Numerous notable design awards

"Less, but better"
Inspiration for Apple
10 Principles
Normally applied to industrial design.

Designer Nuno Loureiro applies it to web design.
1. Good Design is Innovative
Approach a new project with an innovative mindset and critical thinking
Explore the boundaries of design
Use creativity to fuel your innovation
Always keep up to date with new tools and languages
Innovation is constantly evolving
3. Good Design is Aesthetic
Balance between visuals and usefulness
Deliver a unique experience
Deliver only relevant content
color schemes
types of devices
work with a grid
work with white space
consider sizes, symmetry, order of information
typeface plays a large role
highlight key content
4. Good Design makes a product Easy to Understand
Goal of the website
Ease of use and accessibility
Make the design as clear as possible

Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good [Web] Design
2. Good Design makes a
product Useful
What makes a website useful?
Useful to the visitor:
clean UI
display of information
Useful content
good content is important
can lose a key part of the site
Useful for other machines
how you code the site
how does the site perform
search engine optimization (SEO)
"At its best, a website must be self-explanatory"
5. Good Design is Unobtrusive
"Less is more"
Don't get lost in decorative and graphic details
Keep it simple
Do not confuse the visitor
Rules of web accessibility
6. Good Design is Honest
Be open with the visitor
Be transparent
Present tools to help visitors
Give the user options on your site
Use messages or hints
7. Good Design is Long-Lasting
Stay up to date with trends
Do not blindly follow them
Purpose > Design
Always update the content
Main structure should not change much
Keep visitors pleased with your design
Be comfortable with your work
8. Good Design is Thorough
Leave nothing behind
Everything you chose to include has a purpose
Everything you chose is important to your site
Craft the experience of your website carefully
9. Good Design is Environmentally Friendly
Not much you can do as a web designer
Reduce the number of bits it takes to download the page
Use web optimized images
Optimize the code so your browser uses less energy to display your site
10. Good Design is as Little Design as Possible
Always be aware of the goal
Create transparent and simple systems
Concentrate on the essentials
Keep it clean
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