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Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Unit

No description

Silvia Lopez

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Unit

Chapter 1
envy- to be jealous
miserable- very unhappy
torture- causing much pain
expelled- kicked out
determined- set on doing something
scrawny- very skinny
probation- a period of time to try to show that a person can behave
immortal- lives forever, cannot die
triumphant- to be successful, a winner
gesturing- making a motion
lunged- sudden move forward
vaporized- turned into a gas
distracted- having one's attention turned to something else
scythe- a tool with a long, single-edged blade on a long, curved handle, for cutting grass, grain, etc.
1. What kind of school is Yancy Academy ?

2. What bad experiences has Percy had on past field trips?

3. Why can’t Percy get back at Nancy when she starts teasing Grover on the bus?

4. Why doesn’t Percy get along with Mrs. Dodds?

5. When do you first suspect that something may be unusual/supernatural about Mrs. Dodds?

6. In the story about the gods and titans, who was Kronos and what happened to him after the gods defeated him?

7. Why does Percy get angry at Mr. Brunner? How would you have felt in his position?

8. What do you learn about Percy’s home life as he’s watching the taxis on Fifth Avenue?

9. How does Percy get in trouble with Mrs. Dodds? Do you think it’s his fault?

10. How have things changed when Percy returns to the front steps of the museum?

The story of Kronos
What do you think will happen next?

What was Mrs. Dodds?

Why does everyone seem to forget her except for Percy?

Did the fight really happen or was it in Percy’s mind?

What will happen when Percy gets back to Yancy Academy?
Greek Art at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art
Chapter 2
1.Why does Percy think the whole school is playing a trick on him?

2.Why does Percy decide to study for the Latin exam even though he’s given up on his other subjects?

3.What leads Percy to believe that Grover and Mr. Brunner think he’s in danger?

4.After the Latin test, what do you think Mr. Brunner was trying to say to Percy? Why does Percy react angrily to Mr. Brunner’s words?

5.How does Percy say he’s different than the other kids at Yancy Academy?

6.Why does Percy tell Grover he’s a really bad liar?

7.What responsibility does Grover claim to have, and why does this strike Percy as strange?

8.How do Percy and Grover end up on the side of the highway?

9.How does Grover react when Percy tells him about the yarn-cutting?

10.What does Percy think the yarn-cutting means? Does Grover seem to agree or not?
Extras/ Activities
Think about the many different causes and effects in this chapter. Let's make a chart.
Cause and Effect
occasional- once in awhile
hallucination-seeing something that is not really there
perky- cheerful, happy
irritable- easily annoyed
obnoxious- annoying or offensive
ajar- open a little
solstice- when day and night equal 12 hours each
resolved- finished
ignorance- without knowledge
trickled- a small gentle stream
Have you ever learned something in school you were absolutely sure you would never use in your life? Explain.
Have you ever had a teacher you wanted to do well for? If so, what made you respect that teacher’s opinion? If you can’t think of a teacher like that, what would a teacher have to be like to make you respect them?
Make a graphic. A graphic is an illustrated representation of the chapter. A graphic has the following components:
•A picture in the middle which is a symbol for the chapter. It can be an important object mentioned in the chapter – the bus, for instance, or a pair of scissors.

•At least three colors used to color the object. Each color has to represent something, and you must write why you chose that color. For instance, “Red stands Percy’s anger at being expelled.”

•On each corner of the page, pick a quote from the chapter and copy it. The quote can be any 1-2 line section that you think is significant, important, or tells something revealing about one of the characters. After each quote, explain what it means and why you picked it in a sentence.

•Put the title of the chapter and your name at the top.
Percy was having bad dreams.
Percy's grades slipped, he was cranky and irritable, and he got into more fights
Chapter 3
reeked- smelled badly
strewn- thrown all over
nauseous- feel sick to stomach
sympathy- to feel sorry for
scowled- made a face
panic- sudden fear
pursed- pressed lips together tightly
anxiety- worried and fearful
lumber- move slowly
rebellious- fighting against rules or authority
resented- felt bitterness toward
1.Why does Percy leave Grover at the bus station? What would you have done in his place?

2.Percy says “the best people get the rottenest luck.” How does this apply to his mom?

3.Describe Gabe.

4.Why doesn’t Percy tell his mom the truth about Mrs. Dodds and the ladies at the fruit stand?

5.How does Percy get even with Gabe as they’re loading up the Camaro?

6.Why is Montauk special to Percy’s mom?

7.Why does Percy’s mom eat blue food, and why does Percy love this about her?

8.What new information does Percy learn about his dad as he and his mother are roasting marshmallows?

9.Describe Percy’s dream. What do you think it means?

10.How does the title of the chapter, “Grover Unexpectedly Loses His Pants,” come true?
Write 3 facts from this chapter.
Write 3 opinions you have about this chapter.
Fact and Opinion
“The best people get the worst luck.” Do you agree? Can you think of a time when something terrible happened to a good person? Conversely, do bad people have good things happen to them?
What is the place that you feel most at ease – a place you’d like to be more than anywhere else?
Make a Character Collage.

Make a list of characters you've met in the book so far. Search and cut out (or copy on computer) photos of people that you think are close to how these characters would appear. Use the descriptions from the book. Paste these onto a large piece of paper. You may use the computer, draw, or cut pictures out of magazines. Then, label each character and find a quote about them from the book – either a description of the character or something they said. This line should be written underneath each character’s picture.
In Ancient times, the Greeks had gods for many important forces in their lives -- the sea, thunderstorms, farming, music, medicine, poetry, archery, etc. Why do you think they imagined many different gods rather than just one? Would this make life more confusing or less confusing?
Chapter 4
hastily- quickly
anticipating- looking forward to,
wedged- stuck in between
desperately- having a great need
bellowed- shouted, yelled
holographic- seeing an image that’s not really there
impact- strongly hitting one thing against another
agony- great pain
disintegrate- break into small pieces
collapsing- falling down
conscious- aware of one’s surroundings, awake
1. What does Percy say that insults Grover?
2. According to Grover, who is after Percy?
3. What happens to make the car crash?
4. What does Percy's mom tell him to do when they get out of the car and why does Percy disobey?
5. What does Percy find strange about the bull-man's appearance?
6. What happens to Percy's mother?
7. Why does Grover keep attracting the monster's attention?
8. After the monster disintegrates, what gets Percy moving when all he wants to do is collapse?
9. What's the last thing Percy remembers?
10. Take a guess: Who is the "familiar face" that Percy thinks he sees?
Pretend you are Percy, writing a letter to Gabe, explaining how the Camaro got totaled. Percy should try to convince Gabe the damage wasn't his fault. You can tell the truth, or make up a false explanation, but you will have to consider the damage to the car as it is described in the book.
Writing Activity
Is there anyone you would sacrifice your life for? Explain who and why
The story of Theseus
The Ultimate Guide p.28
Let's Play: Frozen Scenes!
If you could freeze-frame a scene from this chapter, what would it look like? What thoughts are running through each character's mind?
Quiz Tomorrow on Chs. 1-4
image from www.rickriordan.com
Map of Camp Half-Blood
Chapter 5
hovered- hung over or above
recoiled- jumped back
mischievous- playfully annoying or harmful
glint- shine brightly
intimidating- to fill with fear
analyzing- looking over the data carefully
pudgy- short and fat
flinched- moved back quickly
sufficient- plenty, enough
timidly- shyly
incinerates- burns to ashes
confined- kept in a small area
pinochle- a popular card game played by two, three, or four persons, with a 48-card deck.
metaphysical- abstract, spiritual
1. What does the blond girl ask Percy as she's feeding him pudding?
2. What is strange about the man who is guarding Percy as he sleeps?
3. Why does Grover say he retrieved the Minotaur horn?
4. How does Percy feel after he tries the strange drink?
5. As he's gazing out from the front porch, what surprises Percy about the summer camp?
6. Describe Mr. D. Anticipate: Will he be a hero or a villain? Why?
7. What does Percy find striking about Annabeth's appearance?
8. What clues help Percy guess Mr. D's identity?
9. What evidence does Chiron use to prove that the Greek gods are in America?
10. According to Chiron, what is the big question that everyone wants answered? Take a guess: what's the answer?
Take a Post-It Note. Summarize the chapter using only the front side of the Post-It. Remember: a good summary mentions what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the chapter, yet no great detail is given.

Once you are finished, place your Post-It inside the circle (with your name on the back of the Post-It).

We will then discuss what events should be mentioned in order to be a good summary.

BREAKOUT: Make your post-it break out of the circle by writing a good summary.
If someone granted you immortality (being your present age, just as you are, forever) would you take it? Think of as many pros and cons as you can.
What do you think life will be like for humans 2000 years from now? Give some examples of how people might live, what they will believe, what technology they will use. What do you think those people of the future will think about us, their distant ancestors?
Let's Try: Post-It Reading
As you read, use sticky-notes to mark different things.
1) Place a yellow sticky-note next to any place that you do not understand and write a question on it

2) Place a blue sticky-note next to any place you DO understand and can relate to and write a comment on the note, e.g. "I felt this way when my parents left me with Grandma for a whole week"

3) Place a green sticky note next to any place that surprised you and write a reaction on the note.
Chapter 6
distinct- clear
export- ship out, send out
restricted- not allowed to do certain things
winced- pulled back in pain
advised- warned
pursue- follow, chase after
lethal- enough to kill
intrigued- curious, interested
critically- to judge others harshly
suspicious- doubting something
sullen- silent resentment, sulking
whiny- complaining, cranky
impulsive- to do without thinking first
sauntering- walking lazily
pulverize- break into little pieces
sprawled- spread out
1. What does Percy noticed about the farm house as he walks away from it? What bothers him about the attic?
2. Why does Percy feel guilty about Grover getting in trouble?
3. Why do you think Percy asks Chiron about the Underworld? He says: "The beginnings of an idea – a tiny, hopeful fire – started forming in my mind." What does he mean?
4. Based on the description, what Greek god is cabin three dedicated to?
5. Why is Annabeth upset with Percy after they leave Cabin Eleven?
6. How does Annabeth know that Percy is "one of us"?
7. Percy says the big girl from the Ares cabin reminds him of Nancy Bobofit. Is Clarisse like Nancy? Why or why not?
8. Why doesn't Percy want Annabeth's help when he gets into the fight with Clarisse?
9. What happens to Clarisse and her friends in the bathroom?
10. How does this incident change Annabeth's attitude toward Percy?
Complete research on your assigned Olympic god. You may use PowerPoint or bring in a poster.

Make sure to include:
-what your god/goddess is best known for
-what your god/goddess controls
-your god/goddess's symbol
-your god/goddess's animal symbol
-short story about your god/goddess.

Due Tuesday!
Olympic Gods Project
Have you ever been the "new kid" in school? If so, how did it feel? If not, have you ever had a new kid come into your school? Was it easy for them to fit in or not?
Read your Hermes article. Take notes on important information.

Next, get together with your partner who read a different article.

Using only your notes, take turns reporting your version of the story to their team members. As one person tells the story, another student acts as scribe, and writes down main facts. The goal is to be the group that comes up with the longest list of facts about Hermes. Each fact can only be listed once.

Each group must list at least ten facts.
Recommended Research Resources
Chapter 7
skeptically- not really believing sensation- feeling
reveal- to show
intentionally- on purpose
summoned- called
quest- to search or seek
tensed- tightened up
resemblance- looks like something else marred- to damage or scar
intact- not broken, in one piece
apparently- it appears to be, clearly
destined- it is meant to be
1. Who are Annabeth's parents?
2. What does it mean to be "undetermined"?
3. How old was Annabeth when she started at Camp Half-Blood?
4. Why are some kids summer campers and others year-'rounders? Which would you rather be?
5. What do the beads mean on Annabeth's necklace?
6. Why is Annabeth frustrated when she and Percy talk about quests?
7. Why does Luke feel bitter?
8. Why does Percy ask for a blue Coke at dinner?
9. What does Percy wish for as he puts his dinner into the fire?
10. In what way does Percy feel different once he gets to the bonfire?
You're having a dinner party and can have anything on the menu you want. What food and drink would you choose for you and your friends?
Tournament Day!
Everyone on every team must take a turn at the board. Come up with a "batting order" and stick to it. Two teams at a time send representatives to the board. The first person to get the right answer written on the board wins. Teams may not help or say anything unless the teacher says "teams." At that point, team members may run to the board to assist, but the person whose turn it is still has to be the one who writes the answer. Whichever team wins, gets a point. If there is a tie, the same two people stay up for a second, tie-breaking question. If neither team is able to answer the question, no one gets a point and both players sit down. Then, we rotate teams.
Use clues from the story to draw conclusions about the characters
Chapter 8
excelled- did well at
hilt- the handle of a sword
suppressing- holding down by force
appraised- to judge the quality or worth
signed- burned
debated- discussed back and forth
sacrificed- willing to give up your life for
warily- carefully
siblings- one’s brothers and sisters
alliance- a group of people who agree to join together for a purpose
burly- large, strong
prominently- standing out, easy to be seen
maiming- to severely hurt a limb
instinctively- to do it without thinking first
bewildered- confused
1.Why are the counselors having a hard time deciding who Percy’s Olympian parent is?
2.How does Percy surprise everyone during his first sword class? How do you think he was able to do this?
3.According to Grover, why did the “Big Three” gods swear never to have any more children?
4.Why does the story about Thalia make Percy feel “hollow and guilty”?
5.In capture-the-flag, why does Percy feel like he’s being left out of the action?
6.How does Percy manage to overcome the kids from Ares’s cabin?
7.What was Annabeth’s plan to win the flag?
8.Why does Annabeth make Percy stand in the water?
9.What does Chiron say about how the hellhound got into camp?
10.When you find out Percy’s true identity, are you surprised or did you see it coming? What clues were given earlier in the book?
Cause and Effect
When you choose teams for a sport or P.E. activity, would you rather pick them yourselves or have the coach do it? Why?
Why do certain things happen in the story? What are the causes of some of the things we read?
Capture the Flag
Choose your “dream team” for the camp capture-the-flag game. Pretend you are Annabeth, the leader of Athena’s cabin. You will be fighting the Ares cabin. Using what you know about the gods, make a list of your top picks for the other cabins you’d like to have on your side. Rank them from first to last. Briefly explain why you chose that order.

Online assignment on: http://padlet.com/wall/pjdreamteam
Reader's Theater:
Pick a page of dialogue to read out loud like a script. Choose parts and only read what is inside the quotation marks for your characters’ lines.
I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher
Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death
My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting
I Play Pinochle With A Horse
I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom
My Dinner Goes Up in Smoke
We Capture A Flag
Chapter 9
invade- to enter forcibly into another’s territory
repetitions- repeated over and over
crevice- crack
feigned- pretended
cowered- to shy away in fear
lingering- hanging around
grimaced- made a face
paranoid- believing others are out to get you
denies- to say it’s not true
offense- to get feelings hurt
accusations- being blamed
prevail- to win, be the winner
chaos- total confusion
consulted- get advice from an expert source
dwell- to go over and over
grudge- to still be angry at someone about something, resentment
domain- territory
betrayed- gave help or information to the enemy
1.Why does Percy feel miserable once he gets his own cabin?
2.Based on the newspaper article Percy finds under his door, what is happening in the real world while Percy is in camp?
3.What is the master bolt?
4.Why does Zeus think Percy stole the bolt?
5.Why can’t the gods retrieve the bolt themselves?
6.What bothers Percy about the Oracle’s prophecy?
7.According to Chiron, what evidence suggests that Hades stole the lightning bolt?
8.Why does Percy have to travel overland?
9.What will happen on the summer solstice if the lightning bolt is not returned?
10.What is unusual about the storm that moves in over camp?
Make A Character Web
What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Did you do it intentionally or was it unplanned?
The “Character Web” page is easy to do. In the center of the circle, put the name of the character. In the outer portion of the web, place a word that describes the type of person (characteristic) he/she is, for example, greedy, shy, intelligent, etc. In the middle of the web, write a description of the situation from the book where the character displayed that characteristic.
The Oracle of Delphi
Research the Oracle of Delphi. What was it? Why was it important? http://greece.mrdonn.org/greekgods/oracles.html

Here, you can ask the Oracle a question about your future, or see an animated story about how Apollo won his Oracle at Delphi.
Quiz Monday! Chapters 5-9
I Am Offered A Quest
Prediction: Now that everyone knows who Percy’s father is, how will this change the way people at camp see him? Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Percy is the son of Poseidon? Why?
Chapter 10
hyperventilating- to breathe more heavily and faster than normal
vulnerable- can be hurt easily
generate- make, create
obscures- blocks
interpret- to give or provide a meaning of
propaganda- the deliberate spreading of information, rumors, etc. to help a group or cause
melancholy- sad, depressed
endure- to put up with *irritated- bothered, upset
repulsively- so horrible it drives others away
withered- dried or shriveled up
gnarled- twisted out of shape
quivering- shaking all over
shriveled- got smaller and wrinkled up
impulsive- to do something without thinking first
eternal- forever
plunged- dived into
1.Who is Argus and why can he never be surprised?
2.What gift does Luke give to Percy? Why can’t Percy use them?
3.What special properties does Riptide have?
4.What is Mist?
5.What are some of the reasons Annabeth gives for why Poseidon and Athena don’t get along?
6.According to Grover, why did Percy’s mom marry Gabe?
7.Percy says he’s not going on the quest to retrieve the lightning bolt. What’s his real reason for going?
8.How does Percy sneak to the front of the bus?
9.Why doesn’t Percy leave the bus when he has the chance?
10.How do Percy, Grover, and Annabeth lose their luggage?
Multiple Meanings
Percy gets to try his hand at driving a bus in this chapter. Defend or attack this proposition: “The national driving age should be lowered to 13.” Can you think of any reasons that might actually convince Congress to pass such a law?
Some words have multiple meanings. Use context clues to decide which meaning of the word makes the most sense for that sentence.
Olympian Travel Agency
Percy Jackson has ten days to from New York to Los Angeles and back again, and he can’t use air travel. Is this possible? Try to use internet sources to “book” and trip for Percy and his friends using buses or trains. How much would the trip cost? How long would it take? Try these sources to start:

http://www.amtrak.com/home (for trains)
http://www.greyhound.com/ (for busses)
I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus
Many of the campers at Camp Half-Blood have their own magic item. Clarisse has an electric spear. Annabeth has a baseball cap that turns her invisible. What magic item would make sense for Percy, as the son of the Sea God? Design your own magic item.
Chapter 11
faltered- to hesitate, stutter
shrill- high pitched
deserted- empty
scornfully- disrespect, dislike
aroma- pleasant smell
cherish- to treasure dearly
abruptly- suddenly
content- happy
groggy- sleepy
trance- a confused, half-awake half asleep condition
navigating- steering
distorted- twisted out of shape
petrify- turn to stone
preserve- save, protect
impertinent- very important
1.Why is Annabeth upset with Percy for risking his life on the bus?
2.What does Aunty Em look like when she opens the door?
3.How does Percy explain why he went into the garden gnome emporium? Does this explanation make sense to you?
4.Why does Grover start to get nervous at the emporium? (There are several reasons)
5.How can you tell that Percy isn’t thinking straight after he eats his meal?
6.Did you guess Aunty Em’s true identity before Percy did? If so, what clues gave her away?
7.Why does Annabeth say they have to kill Medusa? Why can’t they just run away?
8.Medusa’s head doesn’t disintegrate along with the rest of her. Why not?
9.What important information does Percy find in Medusa’s office?
10.Why do you think Percy sends Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus? Do you think this is a good idea?
Multiple Meanings
What is the worst (or most embarrassing) photograph of you that’s ever been taken? Describe it.
Some words have multiple meanings. Use context clues to decide which meaning of the word makes the most sense for that sentence.
Halfway Party!
You are now exactly halfway through the book! Come up with your own questions for a tournament. Your questions can be about anything we have read or discussed in class.
We Visit the Garden Gnome Emporium
An old piece of advice is: “Never talk to strangers.” Do you believe this is always the safest thing to do? Why or why not?
Chapter 12
indignantly- angrily
nostalgic- the wanting of a happier time or place
despair- loss of hope
chasm- a deep gap in the ground, a gorge
treacherous- dangerous
1.Why does Grover want a searcher’s license?
2.Why does Grover’s dream sound so hopeless to Percy?
3.What new information do you learn about Grover’s past and how it relates to Annabeth?
4.According to Grover, why did Percy mail Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus?
5.Describe the place Percy sees in his dream.
6.What terrible realization does Percy make toward the end of the dream? What does the voice want from him?
7.Who do you think is talking to Percy in the dream? Who is this voice from the pit?
8.Who is Gladiola?
9.What is Grover’s plan to get money for the trip?
10.If you were offered the choice in Percy’s dream – to save your own parent’s life or complete your quest and prevent a terrible war – what would you choose?
Vocabulary Study
Look for today's vocabulary words in the chapter. Think about what the word means, what it doesn't mean, how it's being used in the story, and how else the word can be used.
Send Chiron a Text Message
In an earlier chapter, Percy mentions that cell phones are a no-no for half-bloods because monsters can trace the signals. But what if Percy had no choice? Imagine Percy has to send a text message to Chiron about their situation as it stands at the end of Ch. 12. He wants Chiron to know what’s going on, but he has to keep it brief so the monsters don’t trace the call. A text message can only be 150 characters, maximum (including spaces and punctuation). Write the best message for Percy to send Chiron.

We Get Advice from a Poodle
Do you think animals can understand when you talk to them? Have you ever had a pet you understand very well?
Chapter 13
fleeing- leaving quickly
deceitful- tricky, not truthful
inconvenient- not good timing
churning- stirring up violently
tentatively- not sure, uncertain, hesitant
paralyzed- unable to move
numb- without feeling
pry- to open with leverage
seared- burned
plummeted- fell quickly
1.Why does Percy try to keep a low profile on the train?
2.What new information does Annabeth tell us about her father in this chapter?
3.Annabeth says a couple of unexpected friends took care of her when she ran away from home. Any guesses who these might be? Why?
4.Why does Percy laugh when Annabeth tells him what she wants to be?
5.What magic item does Hades have? What are its powers?
6.Describe the Chimera.
7.Echidna says Percy should feel honored to be killed by her. Why?
8.What is Percy’s “fatal mistake” while battling the Chimera?
9.Why does Percy decide he has no choice but to jump? What would you have done in his place?
10.How would the battle have been different if there were no mortal spectators in the Arch?
Vocabulary Study
Look for today's vocabulary words in the chapter. Think about what the word means, what it doesn't mean, how it's being used in the story, and how else the word can be used.
Mythological Creatures Project
I Plunge to My Death
In this chapter, Annabeth says she wants to be an architect and build a monument that will last a thousand years. If you could be famous, what would you like to be remembered for?
Complete research on your assigned mythological creature You may use PowerPoint or bring in a typed page with your research. You will also be building a 3D model of your mythological creature.

Make sure to include:
-a 3D model of your mythological creature
this can be made using modeling clay, yarn, recycled materials, or whatever else you can think of). Be creative!
- A typed report including:
a description of what your mythological creature looks like
an example/story about your mythological being
List 5 facts about your creature. These should include special skills and characteristics. You may include no more than 2 facts about how that creature relates to Percy Jackson (no spoilers).
There will also be a listening component to this assignment in class. You will be taking notes on your classmates' presentations.

Due Wednesday!
Chapter 14
silt- sand, dirt, small rocks
descend- to go down
immune- protected
confirmed- proven to be true
1.When he lands in the Mississippi River, what does Percy realize that amazes him?
2.Why does Percy feel ashamed that Poseidon saved him?
3.What message does the woman in the water bring to Percy? What is her warning?
4.What does Percy learn by overhearing the reporters outside the Arch?
5.What happened to the family that was in the Arch with Percy?
Vocabulary Study
Look for today's vocabulary words in the chapter. Think about what the word means, what it doesn't mean, how it's being used in the story, and how else the word can be used.
Trading Cards
I Become a Known Fugitive
There’s an old saying: “There’s no such thing as bad press.” What does this mean? Do you think it’s true? Would you like to be famous in the national news, even if it was for something negative?
Create a trading card for one character in The Lightning Thief – a monster, human or god. You can draw a picture of your character or use clipart. You may have to use your imagination if you are doing a picture of Percy, Annabeth, or the other campers. Decide what information you will put on your card. Besides the character’s name, you should have a brief description and any special powers that character has. You might even want to assign an attack value and defense value to your card so you can play games with your friends!

Some possible characters for cards: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Clarisse, Luke, Chiron, Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Medusa, Minotaur, Furies, Chimera, Echidna, Hellhound, Athena, Hermes.
Chapter 15
wandered- traveled around with no real purpose
veered- turned
decreased- went down
drastically- severely
skeptically- doubting something, not believing
quivered- shook
vicious- mean, cruel
proposition- suggesting something to be considered or done
bared- showed, uncovered
temperamental- moody
defunct- no longer in use
marooned- abandoned with little hope of rescue
complicated- difficult
metallic- made of metal
overwhelmed- an excessive amount
budge- move
capsizing- tipping over
barricade- to block or stop
submerged- to go under
subsiding- letting up, not as much
1.What is Iris-messaging? How does it work?
2.Why does Annabeth want to leave as soon as Luke appears in the mist?
3.Luke says: “Tell Grover it’ll be better this time! Nobody will get turned into a pine tree . . .” What does this tell you about Grover’s past?
4.What does Ares say that convinces Percy to help him?
5.According to Annabeth, how does Hephaestus deal with his wife and Ares having an affair?
6.Grover doesn’t smell any monsters at the Thrill Ride O’ Love, even though it’s a trap. Why is that?
7.Why can’t Annabeth help Percy when they get trapped in the pool?
8.How does Annabeth put her knowledge of physics to work on the water ride?
9.How does Grover save the day?
10.At the end of the chapter, whom do you think Percy is angrier with – Hephaestus or Ares? Why?
These are examples of quotations being used correctly:
Percy said, “I don’t know how we always get into these situations.”
“I don’t know either. Do you Grover?” asked Annabeth.
“Only the gods know,” Grover responded.
Percy shook his head, “Do you really think the gods control everything?”

Pay special attention to the punctuation and capitalization used here.
The Modernized Gods
A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers
In this chapter, Annabeth says, “Even strength has to bow to wisdom.” Do you think that’s true? Would you rather be exceptionally strong or exceptionally wise?
In this chapter you met Ares, who in modern times wears biker clothes and rides a Harley Davidson with a shotgun holster. How might the other gods or goddesses look in modern times? Pick one god or goddess you know about. Look up information about them (a good place to start is www.mythweb.com). Then write a description of what they might look like today. What clothes would they wear? Hairstyle? Favorite car?
Chapter 16
1.What’s in the backpack Ares gives Percy? If you were him, would you have accepted this gift?
2.What news does Ares give Percy about his mom?
3.Annabeth says Percy wasn’t smart to anger Ares. Was Percy right to talk back to him? Why or why not?
4.What do the beads mean on Annabeth’s necklace?
5.Percy says that Annabeth should write her father a letter. What would you advise her to do?
6.Percy’s dream has three different parts – what does he see in each scene?
7.How does Grover make sure the animals will be safe after they are released?
8.Percy, Grover and Annabeth are attracted to different types of games at the Lotus Casino. What does each one like, and what does this tell you about their personality?
9.When does Percy start to realize the casino is a trap?
10.How does Percy snap Annabeth out of her trance?
Extras/ Activities
Make a paper chain of events by putting the following events in order.

-Annabeth and Grover explain to Percy more about Thalia and their trip.

-The group wanders around Las Vegas and finally goes into the Lotus Casino.

-Percy is told that his mother isn’t really dead.

-The group leaves the Lotus Casino after spending five days there.

-The group rides in a truck with a zebra, lion, and antelope.

-Percy has a dream.

-Ares gives the group a backpack and points to their ride: a truck.

-The group discovers people who have been at the Lotus Casino for decades.

-The group frees the animals.

-Annabeth talks about her father.
sarcastic- saying something that has a tone of teasing to it
defenseless- unable to protect oneself
metamorphosis- a change pathetic- feel pity for
destination- the place where the journey ends
decency- being decent, polite and respectful
mournful- full of sadness
befriended- made friends with
advice- to offer an opinion or recommendation
deception- the act of tricking, deceiving
torment- torture
replica- a copy of something
relieved- happy something is over
sympathetic- feel sorry for
jarred- to have an unpleasant effect on one’s nerves, feelings or thoughts
Describe your dream vacation. Where would you go? What would you do?
We Take a Zebra to Vegas
Take A Virtual Trip To Las Vegas
In this chapter, Percy and his friends arrive in Las Vegas. What do you know about the city’s attractions? A good place to start researching is www.lasvegaskids.net for kid-friendly activities. Pretend you are going to Las Vegas. Make a top ten list of activities you would want to do. (Not gambling!)
The Lotus Casino is designed to make kids never want to leave. Do you think it would keep you entranced? Write a description of a place that would be a “perfect trap” to keep you there forever. What would such a place look like? What activities would be available? What kind of food?
Chapter 17
1.How does Annabeth pay for the trip to Los Angeles?
2.Annabeth seems worried when they discuss the voice from the pit. Percy thinks she has an idea what it might be. Do you have any guesses?
3.Who is the spirit in the sea? What does she give to Percy?
4.Why is Annabeth uneasy about the gifts Percy received?
5.According to Percy, how is L.A. different from New York?
6.Why doesn’t Riptide work on the kids who jump Percy in the alley?
7.What does Crusty do to his customers?
8.Why can’t Percy simply fight Crusty?
9.How does Percy trick the giant?
10.How does Percy find the address for the Underworld?
Extras/ Activities
This is a one-minute timed writing. The idea is to get as many words as possible onto the paper. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation. You will get more words if you write in complete thoughts rather than making a list. The teacher will give you the subject. Once you hear it, you will have exactly one minute. You CANNOT STOP writing for any reason. If you can’t think of anything, write “I have nothing to say” until you think of something, but you can’t write “I have nothing to say” the entire time. The purpose of this is to become a more fluent writer.
Quick Write
retrieved- brought back
hurtling- to rush forward with great speed
critical- very important
nuzzling- cuddling or snuggling
realm- kingdom
fugitive- running from the law
resisted- fought against
excess- more than necessary
inconsiderate- rude
People are always looking for new ways to sell things. What’s the worst or most annoying commercial you’ve ever seen? What is the best or funniest?
We Shop For Waterbeds
Make an Advertisement For Crusty's Waterbed Palace
Crusty has hired you to advertise his fabulous waterbeds. Make a magazine ad for him. How would you attract customers? What special deals would you promise? If you prefer, you can write a television commercial for the Waterbed Palace and either perform it live or videotape it.
Chapter 18
1.Why does the DOA security guard get annoyed with Percy?
2.How does Charon realize Percy and his friends are not really dead?
3.How does Percy finally convince Charon to take them into the elevator?
4.What does the River Styx look like? Why does it look this way?
5.Describe the entrance to the Underworld.
6.If you were standing in that line, would you rather choose EZ Death and go straight to Asphodel, or risk being judged for your actions on earth?
7.What is Percy’s plan to get past Cerberus? Why doesn’t it work?
8.How does Annabeth save them? Why is she able to do this?
9.What does Percy realize about monsters at the end of the chapter?
10.Do you feel sorry for Cerberus? Would you have risked playing fetch with him, if you were Annabeth?
Extras/ Activities
The Rivers of the Underworld. The Greeks believed there were five rivers in the Underworld: Acheron, Cocytus, Styx, Lethe, and Phlegethon. Look up information on your assigned river. Each group should have a scribe, several researchers, a task master, and a reporter to share the group’s findings with the rest of the class.
nudge- push
transparent- see through
podium- a small platform
agitated-bothered, upset
disembark- to get off a boat
frisking- to search someone for something that’s hidden
persistent- keeps going, doesn’t give up
rifling- digging around
dissipated- to scatter in various directions
muffled- soft, unclear sound
Have you ever been through a security checkpoint – at the airport, for instance? Do you think these checkpoints keep people safe? Why or why not?
Annabeth Does Obedience School
Play Rock-a-Bye Cerberus
Visit the Winged Sandals site at: http://abc.net.au/arts/wingedsandals/games/cerberus.htm. Try your hand at the Orpheus music game. Can you put Cerberus to sleep?
Test Tomorrow!!
Chapter 19
1.What does the Field of Asphodel look like?
2.What do you have to do to enter the Isles of the Blest?
3.How do Grover, Percy and Annabeth end up at the pit of Tartarus?
4.How is Hades’ aura different than Ares? How does Percy feel when he’s in Hades’ presence?
5.Describe the guards at Hades’ palace.
6.What sort of problems does Hades complain about?
7. Why was Percy’s backpack getting heavy?
8.What terrible choice faces Percy when he decides to use the pearls? Would you have made the same choice he does? Why or why not?
9.How do Annabeth and Grover prove themselves to be real friends to Percy?
10.What is the power of the pearls?
Extras/ Activities
Use your book to help decide which word/phrase best describes different people, places, and things in the story.
Which Word Best Describes...
eons- an extremely long period of time
levitated- to rise or float up on its own
predicament- situation
grotesquely- bizarre, odd, unnatural
corridor- passageway, hallway
lithe- bends easily
mesmerizing- hypnotizing, fascinating
charisma- a personal magnetism or charm
arrogant- thinking one is better than everyone else
ultimatum- a final list of demands
yield- to give up
defy- to go against orders
In the last chapter, Grover says: “Most people, well, they just lived. Nothing special, good or bad.” Do you think this is true? Do think people are good by nature, or bad, or just neutral?
We Find Out the Truth, Sort of
Map of the Underworld
Draw your own map of the Underworld, based on the description in the book. After you draw yours, compare it to Grover’s map of the Underworld on the author’s website: http://www.rickriordan.com/Underworld_map.htm
Chapter 20
1.Why does Percy will himself to get soaked in the water?
2.Ares says the best kind of war is when relatives fight each. Why would this be the most vicious kind of fight?
3.Why does Percy begin to suspect that Ares wasn’t acting alone – that he was taking orders from someone?
4.Which failures does Ares point to when he says Percy “doesn’t have what it takes”? Is this a fair criticism? Why or why not?
5.What deal does Percy make with Ares?
6.How does Percy’s ADHD keep him alive in the fight?
7.What strategy does Percy use to beat Ares?
8.After Percy wounds Ares, something strange happens that makes Ares back off. What is it?
9.Why is important that the Furies witness Percy’s battle?
10.At the end of the chapter, what does Percy decide he must do to complete the quest?
Extras/ Activities
Acting out the Battle. Read the scene where Percy battles Ares and try to reconstruct it as closely as possible – the right moves, the right lines.
Act It Out...
distress- great pain and suffering
impeding- blocking, stopping
spectators- people who watch an event
deflected- turned or bent downward
How well do you get along with your relatives? If your family held a big reunion party, who would you most look forward to seeing?
I Battle My Jerk Relative
Greek Weapons and Armor
At the beginning of the book, Percy mentions that Mr. Brunner has an awesome collection of ancient armor and weapons.Look at some pictures of Greek armor and weapons. Some questions to discuss:
a.Why is the helm shaped like that?
b.What purpose might the horsehair plume serve in battle?
c.Why does the sword have a leaf-shaped blade?
d.What do you think the main weapon would be – the spear or the sword? Why?
e.Why are the shields small and round? Why aren’t they bigger?
Chapter 21
1.When the Los Angeles reporters interview Percy, how does he get back at Gabe?
2.Why do Percy, Annabeth and Grover split up when they arrive back in New York?
3.How does Percy convince the guard at the Empire State Building to let him see Zeus?
4.What are some of the things Percy sees on his way through Olympus?
5.Why Percy start feeling a little sorry for Hades when he sees Zeus’ palace?
6.Percy says he is glad, in a strange way, that Poseidon is so distant. Why? Does this make sense to you?
7.How does Zeus reward Percy?
8.Who was speaking from the pit? Why do think Zeus doesn’t want to talk about it?
9.How do you think Poseidon feels about Percy? How can you tell?
10.Why doesn’t Percy petrify Gabe when he has the chance? What would you have done?
Extras/ Activities
Imagine Percy has to write a letter to his father, Poseidon, explaining the choice he made not to petrify Gabe. What would he say? How would he explain his choice? Would he want to tell his father anything else? Any wishes or requests?
Write a Letter
ruptured- exploded
evade- to escape
banished- forced to leave a place by its leader
restrained- held back by force
contemplating- trying to decide what to do
How well do you get along with your relatives? If your family held a big reunion party, who would you most look forward to seeing?
I Settle My Tab
The Real Mount Olympus
Visit the following website to learn more about the actual Mount Olympus in Greece.

Chapter 22
devising- planning
unanimous- everyone agrees
rummaged- digging around in
bided- waited for the perfect time
vengeance- to get revenge
1.What’s the tradition for campers who return from quests? How did the Ares cabin “honor” Percy?
2.How does Percy’s mom get enough money to go to college?
3.What happens to Grover in this chapter? Speculate: Will he come back in another book?
4.What is the bead for Percy’s first summer?
5.Why do you think Percy has so much trouble deciding whether to stay year round or go to seventh grade? What would you choose?
6.What is unique about Backbiter, Luke’s new sword?
7.Why is it dangerous to litter at Camp Half-Blood?
8.Luke says, “Western Civilization is a disease.” What do you think he means by that?
9.What turned Luke so bitter?
10. How did Annabeth take Percy’s advice?
If someone knew something really bad that was going to happen in your life, and there was nothing you could do about it, would you rather have them tell you or keep it a secret? Why?
Now that we know Luke is the betrayer at Camp Half-Blood, design a wanted poster that can be posted around Mount Olympus. You will need to draw a picture of Luke, perhaps in the form of a mug shot. You will also need to include a physical description, a list of the crimes he is wanted for, the location where he was last scene, any special powers or weapons people should look out for, and a reward, if you want to offer one.
Write a paragraph defending or attacking Percy’s choice to leave Camp Half-Blood for the school year. Is it wise? Why or why not?
The Prophecy Comes True
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