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Connor Smith

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Immigration

About Immigration
Immigration is a hot topic right now as overcrowded boats of immigrants cross the Mediterranean sea to Europe in search of a better life.

Immigrants in the United States learn a new language and culture

What Is Immigration?
- Immigration is defined as, " People leaving their
home country to live forever in another one".

- People's definition of the word immigration is
based on their own personal experiences.

- Immigrants come by boats, cars, and some
even cross the border by foot.
How can we help immigrants adapt to our culture?
Practice speaking English with new immigrants.
Be kind to them.
Refer to immigrants as documented or undocumented instead of legal and illegal.
Be a good example of how a United States citizen should act.
Teach immigrants our customs and ask them to share their own.
The biggest thing to do is to BE INFORMED AND RAISE AWARENESS about what immigration is.
Why Do People Immigrate?
Central Americans coming to America from El Salvador.
Take Action
We wrote letters to politicians such as Richard Blumenthal asking them to support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Act (DACA). This act allows young immigrants to extend their stay in America in increments of two years to get an education and employment.
Immigration 2015
By: Connor, Angelina, Bryan, Francis, Kimberly
How Does Immigration Change People's Lives ?
A True Immigration Story
Hola, I am immigrating
from EL Salvador.
To escape war
and violence

How do people feel about immigration?
Many Americans are against immigration because they feel immigrants are taking their jobs and other resources.
Other Americans feel that immigration promotes diversity and helps the American economy.
Politicians and many Americans are protesting against Obama's immigration plan, which will protect over 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Many immigrants escape war and find safety in the United States

Many immigrants receive a better education, find
better jobs, and receive better healthcare

Many immigrants seek the "American Dream"
Hover the mouse over the video, then click play!
To find relief from
natural disasters

To reunite with family members

To get better employment
and a better education
Hover the mouse over the video, then click play!
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