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NURS 335 Clinical Orientation

No description

Genevieve Downs

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of NURS 335 Clinical Orientation

NURS 335 Clinical Orientation
Where do I need to be when?
Your orientation will be the first week of class unless otherwise told by your instructor. Your clinical instructors will provide you exact details of time/location. Schedules are being uploaded to Blackboard this week.

Be on time!
Be dressed appropriately (aka- scrubs, closed toed shoes)
No food/drink allowed in the clinical area (including CLC!)
Be prepared to participate and learn!

Check your email daily (or perhaps incessantly) to be sure you do not miss any important changes!
What about these worksheets?
There are 4 clinical worksheets located under Clinical Documents on Blackboard.

Due January 27 at 9am--submitted on Blackboard.
Your instructors will give you more information on completing these at orientation.

Busy work? Yes, it seems like this now, but the information will be valuable to you in the clinical setting AND on your exams!

Simulation Experiences
You will be participating in three different simulations.

Readings will be posted to Blackboard under
Clinical Documents > Simulation Documents soon.

The readings help, trust me, we really aren't kidding
around about that.
Each simulation day is worth 25 points, be prepared!

Simulations are supposed to be FUN, not intimidating.
Simulations are supposed to be EDUCATIONAL, not demoralizing. Don't stress!
Welcome Back Students!
Hope you had a great break!

Now it is time to get back to work!

We are excited to have you in NURS 335 this semester.

Walk your way through this quick presentation for some helpful reminders on clinical and expectations for this semester!

Dr. Jallo and the rest of the clinical faculty are here to help however we can- do not hesitate to ask!
Clinical Expectations

For every clinical meeting you should be documenting a time log and patient case logs in TYPHON.

Midterm and Final Evaluations on Blackboard are an opportunity for you to self-reflect before individually meeting with your instructor.

ATI and HESI have some great women's health material for downtime. You pay for them, might as well use them!

Sign up for Outpatient Simulations
Sign up sheets are on my office door - 2001A for two of your clinical experiences. Try to sign up the first week of class!

It is mandatory that you sign up for 2- 2 hour sessions in order complete your clinical requirements. Pick a slot outside of your normal clinical schedule.

Three students in a group is optimal!
More thoughts to ponder...
If you experience an exposure incident at clinical (i.e. needle stick, eyes splashed) it is imperative you notify your instructor immediately. Your safety is just as important as our patients!

Clinical attendance is expected for all 90 hours of clinical. Being late is not acceptable. Missed clinicals are expected to be made up at the discretion of course faculty and availability of clinical faculty.
However, people do get sick---use your best professional judgement. Remember, we are working with newborn BABIES!
Have a great semester! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
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