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5 stages of the Holocaust

History 12 Holocaust lesson

Kristi Herbert

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of 5 stages of the Holocaust

Holocaust Stripping of Rights Segregation Concentration Final Solution Aftermath History of Anti-Semitism Nazis were not the first to express hatred
they were the first to take steps in killing large populations of Jews
Used Darwin's Theory of Evolution to claim that Germans were the master race
Goebbels and the Nazis pushed anti-Semitism through a propaganda campaign 1933 Jewish people are forbidden from owning land or running newspapers
1935 Nuremberg Laws: deprived Jews of citizenship, forming the legal basis for the exclusion of Jews from German society
1936 Jews no longer have the right to participate in parliamentary elections The Jew is the most dangerous poison mushroom in existence "I scanned the revolutionary events of history and… [asked] myself: against which racial element in Germany can I unleash my propaganda of hate with the greatest prospects of success? …I came to the conclusion that a campaign against the Jews would be as popular as it would be successful." Adolf Hitler 1938 must have id cards and passports stamped with "J"
can no longer bear arms, be heads of business, attend plays, movies or concerts
Jewish businesses are closed down
Must hand in divers licenses, car registrations
Must sell businesses, real estate and hand over securities 1939 forced to hand over gold and silver
Must turn in all radios to police
1940 must pay special income tax, no longer allowed to have phones
1941 no longer allowed to use public phones
1942 no longer allowed to subscribe to newspaper or magazines
All Jewish Schools are closed
Blind/deaf Jews no longer allowed to wear armbands to identify their condition
No longer allowed to buy meat, eggs or milk 1933 Nazis boycott Jewish Stores
Nazis issue a decree defining non-Aryan
1935 Nuremberg Race Laws
1938 Jewish street names replaced
Jews attending German schools are forced to attend Jewish schools
May no longer attend university 1939 curfew places on Jews
Polish Jews must wear Yellow Star of David
1940 Ghettos in Poland are sealed off
German Jews deported to Concentration Camps 1941 large scale deportations
German Jews must wear Yellow Star of David
1942 Apartments must be marked with a Yellow Star of David
Prohibited from using Public Transportation 1933 First concentration camps open
1936 SS Deathead division established to guard camps
1939 Nazis start to euthanize sick and disabled
Austrian Jews are deported to Poland
1940 Ghettos in Poland are sealed off
German Jews are deported to camps
1941 increase of deportation of German Jews
Large scale of deportation of Jews from all occupied lands 4- 6 1941 SS Einsatzgruppen follow behind advancing German Army, they conduct mass murder of Jews in seized lands
Lodz, Poland Chelmno extermination camp becomes operational. They use CO2 from engine exhaust piped into the back of sealed vans.
The Babi Yar Massacre, in 2 days 35,000 Jews are lined up beside a predug pit and shot 1942 mass killing of Jews using Zykon-B gas begins at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Wannsee Conference to coordinate the "Final Solution"
All remaining Jews in Concentration Camps are transferred to Auschwitz 1943 SS Einsatzgruppen have now killed more than 1 million Jews
Jews found guilty of crimes are sent to extermination camps
1944 Last use of gas chambers at Auschwitz 1942 SS start to cash in possessions and valuables of Jews from Auschwitz and Majdanek
1943 Nazis use special units of slave labor to dig up and burn the bodies and all traces of the Jews the SS Einsatzgruppen killed
Property of Jews to be confiscated after death
1944 destruction of the crematories at Auschwitz
1945 Allies advancing, Nazis conduct death marches
Soviet trrops liberate Auschwitz and Warsaw - 1500 000 jews have been murdered there
British liberate Bergen-Belsen death camp
Germany surrenders unconditionally
Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal commences
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