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Harrison Bergeron

IB English Presentation

alex harder

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Harrison Bergeron

By: Kurt Vonnegut Harrison Bergeron Waste your reader's time Never... In "Harrison Bergeron", every sentence gave important information about the story. Each sentence contributed to the main plot.
Example: (Paragraph 1)
Reader's time is thus, never wasted at least one character they can root for Give the reader... Vonnegut writes with a sympathetic tone towards Harrison Vonnegut gives his audience a character to root for in the form of Harrison Bergeron as close to the end as possible Start... Starting close to the end puts an end in sight. It gives the reader something to look forward to. How does Vonnegut start close to the end in the story? Why? Challenge your characters Be a sadist... As much information as possible as soon as possible Give your readers... Example: page 7 Vonnegut introduces the setting, main characters and problem to the story immediately.
His syntax is short, but each sentence gives the reader important pieces of information compare and contrast to 1984 This short story is arguably Vonnegut's most famous. It can be easily related to many elements of society today, including the novel "1984" by George Orwell. They share similarities including authoritarian governments, rebels fighting for a common cause, and a common ending as well.
Think: what other similarities and differences are there between "Harrison Bergeron" and "1984"? Why is the similarity between the endings significant? "Harrison Bergeron" today... "Harrison Bergeron" has been made into a movie. Though the film has taken somewhat of a creative license with the original story by Kurt Vonnegut, it still has most of the basic elements of the plot. Movie Trailer Vonnegut immediately introduces the setting, main characters and problem in his story
His syntax is short and gives the reader one piece of information in each sentence How do George and Hazel react to the government control?
How did Harrison react to the government control? Vonnegut challenges his characters by
placing them in a world of harsh government
control Figurative Language should want something Every character... Example: Harrison Wants to become emperor and overthrow the government.
Think: What do George and Hazel want? This creates purpose in the story and giving each character a goal or something to strive for moves the plot forward. Vonnegut employs many metaphors, similes and other forms of figurative language throughout "Harrison Bergeron"
Example: "Harrison looked like a walking junkyard" (page 11) Satire What might motivate Vonnegut to do this? what are some other examples of figurative language? Kurt Vonnegut has often been described as a satirist. In "Harrison Bergeron, the government controls everyone by "Handicapping them. How does this create satire?
How does "Harrison Bergeron" reveal failings of society? Think: Why does the government handicap everyone to"average" instead of promoting people to be extraordinary? What sort of atmosphere did this story have?
use mood descriptors.

What was Vonnegut's attitude towards this piece and why is this significant?
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