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Christopher Nolan - Auteur

No description

Beth Cream

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Christopher Nolan - Auteur

Auteur Theory Christopher Nolan Who is Christopher Nolan? Christopher Nolan is considered to be one of the most high profile directors of today. With a filmography that is successful, and critically acclaimed by many, he can do no wrong. His most recent films consist of high budget blockbusters such as mystery/thriller ‘The Prestige’, adventure/mystery ‘Inception’, and possibly the most well-known, the latest action-filled and recently ended ‘Batman’ franchise. These films, as well as many of his others, were created in such a way that Nolan can undoubtedly be considered an auteur. - By definition, a director with a distinctive, recognizable style in their work.

- Auteurs can gain their title from using the same actors, themes, visual style, characters, etc What is an auteur? 'Inception' and 'Dark Knight Rises' cast:
- Tom Hardy
- Marion Cotillard
- Cillian Murphy
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt
- Michael Caine Christopher Nolan as an Auteur: - His films often deal with the subject matter of the human psych

- Negative, edgy themes in all movies Christopher Nolan as an Auteur: - films edited with non linear timeline
- begins with flashback or scene from end
- non linear sequence challenges audience to piece
the story together same actors 'The Dark Knight Rises' marks the fifth film of Nolan’s that Michael Caine has starred in; their previous collaborations being ‘The Prestige’, ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Inception’. Christian Bale also starred in the aforementioned films, with the exception of 'The Dark Knight Rises' reoccuring themes 'Following' - obsession
'Memento' - revenge
'Insomnia' - guilt
'Batman Begins' - fear
'The Prestige' - rivalry/obsession
'The Dark Knight' - chaos
'Inception' - trickery
'The Dark Knight Rises' - pain Christopher Nolan as an Auteur: visual style examples: Inception:
Begins with man washed up on beach, then speaking to an older man. Scene is then shown again towards the end of the film. The Prestige:
5 minutes into film, a man is shown performing an elaborate illusion onstage, then another man is shown suspiciously sneaking backstage and finding evidently the man previously onstage, drowning in a locked glass tank full of water. Scene is also shown towards the end of the movie. Christopher Nolan as an Auteur: visual style (continued) - Another visual technique used by this director is the use of lighting and colour filters - Usually low-key, dim lighting - Grey, gloomy and/or soft gold filter The Dark Knight
(grey) The Prestige
(gold and grey) Inception
(gold and grey) Christopher Nolan as an Auteur: character similarities - not always likeable, but audience is expected to still support them/find them entertaining - characters running from their past/negatively impacted by a serious event/attempting to redeem their past examples: Bruce Wayne:
Parents died when he was young; lonely and broken Robert Angier:
Wife killed, becomes obsessed with avenging her death and sabotaging the culprit Dom Cobb:
Blames himself for death of wife, unable to let go of her, wishing to redeem himself/clear his name so he can be with his children Film Institutions/Early Career - Film institutions can impact the director and the way they work - Nolan has worked with many popular, well-known companies such as Warner Bros and Touchstone Pictures, in which helped to create the Batman franchise, 'The Prestige' and 'Inception' - His previous films gained much success, which possibly could have influenced the production companies to support him Early Career - Created first short film at 8 years old, using a super 8mm camera Michael Caine as Cutter in 'The Prestige' Caine as Miles in 'Inception Hardy as Eames in 'Inception' Hardy as Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises' (clip from The Dark Knight) As proven in these points, it is clear to see that Christopher Nolan is an auteur. In the films ‘The Prestige’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Inception’ he has displayed habits of using the same actors, themes, visual techniques and characters in his work. If these three films were to be watched in a row, these elements would be easily recognised by an audience member, whom could relate these techniques to this particular director. Conclusion Movie Clip: Inception Movie Clip: The Dark Knight - Went to University College London, studied English, joined film society - Jeremy Theobold who appeared in his short films, produced Nolan's first feature film, 'Following' - Critics highly enjoyed the film and Christopher Nolan's success went from there
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