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Space Adventure

By Raihan, Laiba, Shaj and Kheyam

Mr J Daykin

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Space Adventure

Space Adventure
The children are in their astonishing science lesson about space, suddenly Raihan has a brillant idea.
At lunchtime the four friends meet up and Raihan shared the idea about going to space.
Immediately, they sneak home over to Kheyam's garage where all the tools are and start building the incredible rocket.
Sneakily, the friends go on the internet and find a map from Earth to Uranus and start putting diesel into the engine.
Before they set off, they look for the quickest route to go to Uranus and rush off to pack up.

Soon they were in space and looking at the amazing stars before they went to eat.

Two days later they reached planet Uranus and landed their rocket in a nice peaceful place to explore.
Raihan, Laiba, Shajaniga and Kheyam spied through some huge rocks and saw some wierd looking aliens. Shaganiga asked the aliens what their names are and they replied "Zoozoo and Zamboo". Zoozoo is older.
After a while they said goodbye to their amazing alien friends and get back into the expansive rocket to go back home.
Unfortunately, they go back home in their red and white rocket and it took them two days to go home as Shaj talked throughout the whole journey.
When they reached home, they landed the rocket in kheyam's garage and quickly ran home. Their parents were really angry , however nobody knew the secret.
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