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Oleksiy Abramovskyy

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Important Terms (Question A) Evince: Verb - To show plainly, make clear.
Ineffable: Adjective - Inexpressible, to sacred to be spoken.
Obdurate: Adjective – Hardhearted, stubborn, obstinate. Plantation Life
(Questions G,H,) If a slave was convicted of a high misdemeanor the punishment was a severe whipping and then sent away to Baltimore to be sold to a slave-trader as a warning to the rest of the slaves to behave. By: Oleksiy Abramovskyy Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave People on the Plantation
(Question B,D) Douglass’ master’s family consisted of Captain Anthony and his two sons, Andrew and Richard and one daughter Lucretia and her husband, Captain Thomas Auld. About The Home Plantation
(Questions C,E,F,L) The products raised on the plantation were tobacco, corn and wheat. Peter, Isaac, Rick and Jake were envied by the other slaves because they worked on the ship and therefore privileged because they got to see Baltimore. Slaves on a Plantation The two farms nearest the home plantation were Wye Town And New Design The home plantation was the seat of government for the twenty farms MR. Severe and Mr. Hopkins
(Questions I,J,K) Mr. Severe was the overseer of this farm The slave driver’s horn woke the slaves up in the morning. They worked in the fields long hours every day. They had no beds, slept on the floor and had very little to eat. They received a monthly allowance of food and a yearly clothing allowance. The children received clothes if they worked in the fields, if they didn’t work, they were naked. Power of Songs
(Questions M,N,O) Douglass didn’t understand the songs sung by the slaves chosen to go to the Great House Farm on errands because he was too close to the slave experience, he was part of it and did not have the outside perspective until later - when he was free to understand. The name the slaves gave the home plantation was the Great House Farm. Mr. Severe was a cruel man who took pleasure in beating the slaves. His name is ironic because he died the way he lived, cursing and ugly. Mr. Hopkins was very different from Mr. Severe. He was less cruel and was called a good overseer, although he still whipped the slaves. The song made Douglass feel depressed and filled with sadness. He would cry. The slaves sang the most when they were the most unhappy. The songs represent the sadness in their hearts and it helped them release the sadness. The songs are like tears, they are relief from pain.
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