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Geothermal Energy

Energy produced by the heat in Earth's interior.

Taylor lillybridge

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Geothermal Energy

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY By: Taylor Lillybridge, Mackenzie Pirtle, and Andrea Turner
What is it? Benefits of Geothermal Energy Energy produced by the heat in earth's interior. Geothermal systems don't create pollution
No fuel is used to generate power - means low cost
It's clean, simple, renewable power Cons of Geothermal Energy Most land can't support an geothermal energy system, because:
Rock may not be soft enough to drill through
Spot may not be able to suastain consistent heat
Sites may stop producing necessary steam

Cost and Savings The initial cost is high due to labor and the extensive pipe system. This results in high savings as far as utilties. Who is using it now? Geothermal energy is not a popular soucre of energy currently, but companies like Mitsubishi are making efforts in this area. Could we do this in BG? Yes, currently South Warren High School is using Geothermal Energy to heat their facility. Could we do this at BGHS? Yes, buildings that are not powered by this source may be converted to use this type of energy. It can cost up to 30,000. Interesting Facts Geothermal energy is Ireland's main source.
Geothermal energy has been used since ancient times in form of hot water.
The only real problem with Geothermal energy is that it's not easily accesible to most areas.
Geothermal energy can be found in form of volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers. Sources clean-energy-ideas.com
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