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Prezi + Chirp: Add depth and engagement to your presentations using sound!

If you have an iOS device, download Chirp, and check out how to add depth and engagement to your Prezis using sound. Offer: Download the first 3 chapters of my upcoming Social Marketing book for free: http://bit.ly/HS_3freechapters

Matt Hollowell

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Prezi + Chirp: Add depth and engagement to your presentations using sound!

What is Chirp?
Chirp is a way to share data using sound.
Let's illustrate:
1) Download Chirp and launch it on your iDevice: http://chirp.io
Cool stuff, eh?
3) Advance this Prezi
2) Turn up the volume on your computer
So, what is the
Presenting at a conference?
Chirp a link to the entire audience
quickly, immediately, in real-time.
Making your Prezi available online?
To experience this Prezi, you will need:
an iPhone, iPad, or iPod;
the free Chirp app (download link: http://chirp.io or scan this code).
Second, your iDevice will need to "hear" your
computer, so keep both
close to each other, take
off your headphones,
and turn up the volume!
Chirp turns text, web links, or images into tiny sound files.
Any Chirp-enabled iDevice can hear and translate the sound into the original file.
Build your network by chirping your contact information...
How can this add
to your presentations?
Promoting your business?
Chirp your info...or even a coupon.
if it didn't work, make sure that the Chirp app is open and that your device can hear the tone (computer volume is up and your phone is close by).
Think about these scenarios:
As you can see, the opportunity is huge & the possibilities endless.
So...what will you Chirp?
How will you add depth and engagement to your next Prezi?
And what questions can I answer?
The only limit is your imagination.
Follow Up & Connect:
Full disclosure, I have no business connection to Prezi or Chirp. I just like to play with technology.
wait for the sound...
I'm in the middle of writing a book; to download the first 3 chapters for free, click here:

Want even more? --------------------------->
Prezi content and design by: Matt Hollowell; owner, Hello Social, LLC.
Contact: matt@hellosocilmarketing.com; 615-686-1477.
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