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Frog's Leap Winery

No description

Rocio Boadella

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Frog's Leap Winery

Frog's Leap Winery
G6 Consulting
What are our options?
What's Next?
Financial Implications
Increae Sales
Current Market
Frog's Leap
Future Market
What is the situation?
Increase in health-conscious consumers leads to more red wine bought
More age groups drinking wine
Must allow Frog's Leap to retain image, dedication to green practices
Uphold quality of wine
Not too costly
By end of 2011:
2000 Twitter followers
5000 Facebook likes
2011 Goals:
70,000 cases sold
Increase earnings before taxes to 20% of sales
Maintain Growth
Increase Sales
Decrease Costs
Increase production
Tap into new markets
Expand the current markets
Increase & improve EMS
How to "become even more sustainable"?
Requires an investment in time & money
New Markets
Current Markets
Increase Production
Current Situation
Main Goal
Maintain Sustainable Growth
1. Analysis
Current & Future Market
Frog's Leap
2. Options
Choose Strategy
Alternatives & Criteria
3. Recommendation
Contingency Plan
Grown considerably in 2000s
653 to 62000 cases
25 to 50 workers
Best EMS
$22 million debt
Expand foreign sales
Attempt to attract to Wine Advocate drinkers
Build out direct-to-consumer channels
Better advertise current practices
Partner with similar-minded companies
Further utilize extra 100 acres
Hire more workers
Increase Sales
Expand current markets
Increase Direct-to-Consumer Channel Sales
Build Partnerships
Increase Direct Sales
Social Media Campaign
Create Frog's Leap Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts
Post content about Frog's Leap, EMS news, general green news, Napa Valley
Constantly interact with followers, gain greater attention
Advertise Sustainable Wine Conference
Attract more people on-site
Make Frog's Leap a destination
Use website so consumers can order from home
Create loyalty club
Expand reach of Frog's Leap
Spread Frog's Leap's sustainable reputation
Foster relationships with green, health-oriented companies
Stock Frog's Leap in these restaurants, stores
2011 & Beyond
Create social media accounts
Launch online ordering

Contact potential partners
Hold Sustainable Wine Conference
Continue to manage social media accounts
Work on securing long-term partners
Have a presence outside of Napa Valley
Long Term
300 wineries at Conference
Best EMS in Napa Valley
Laid-back working environment
Relatively small size
Not talked about by mainstream wine advocates
Increase in health-oriented consumers
Increase in green-conscious consumers
All wineries becoming more environmentally friendly
Continue current profitable strategy

Make paying off debt a priority
Increase Sales
Social Media
Use Environmental Reputation
2011 Extra Costs:
Social Media Manager - $100,000
Copywriter - $40,000
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