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Kendra Marutani

No description

Hull Elementary

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Kendra Marutani

Frame #1
Mibs : Mibs is the most important main character in the story. She's the narrator of the story, and she's in every event of the story. Mississippi Beumont (Mibs) is kind,shy, and risky. She would almost do anything to save someone
important to her.
Frame #4
Frame #2
Title : Savvy
Author : Ingrid Law
Genre: Fiction
Sub-genre : Fantasy
Narrative point of view : 1st person
Author's purpose : Ingrid Law wanted to publish a book that broke through the traditions of magical tall-tales. She
thought of this book as a new american
tall-tale for kids.

Savvy is about a 12 yr. old girl that just turned
13 to yet discover her magical powers.
Mississippi Beumont (known as Mibs) is urging
to find out what her Savvy is, but before her
birthday, Mibs finds out her dad has gotten
himself into a car accident. Mibs's mom and older brother decide it's best to go to the hospital to see what they can do. Now Mibs
and her 2 brothers and sister are trying to
stay strong form the crisis of their father. For
the next day, Mibs will finally discover her
magical powers shes been waiting for.
Frame #7
Mibs's father gets into a terrible car accident 2 days before Mibs's 13th birthday. With impatient Mibs (on her birthday), she decides to sneak on a bus with her friends and brothers to go to Hope Hospital to find her father. With a
family crisis and 5 missing kids, Mrs.Rosemary has a lot on her hands. Now all Mibs thinks is hope her dear father will wake up and feel better again.
Fish : Fish is Mibs's 14 yr. old older brother that supported Mibs's decision of sneaking on to a bus to go to Hope Hospital to see their dad. Fish usually has a temper when moments get akward during the journey. Fish's savvy is creating storms.
Ingrid Law
Kendra M.
Will : Will is a friend of Mibs's, and decides to go
on the trip with her and her brother whether they like it or not.
He also supports Mibs's decision on sneaking on the bus
to get to the hospital. Although Will really likes Mibs, but
he has no idea that her brother and her have powers. Will
is extremely curious, suspiocious, and shy in the story.
Roberta : Roberta rather likes to be called Bobbi in the
story. She is known to be Will's older sister, and Mibs's
secret enemy in the beginning if the book. The reason
why she supported Mibs's decision was just so because
she didn't want to stay at the church alone with her
parents. Bobbi is a rebellious, snotty, and mean teenager
in the story.
Lester : Lester is a bit of a big part
in the middle of the story, but he
isn't in the beginning or ending part
of the story. Lester is an un-confident
person in the book. He gets tricked by
Mibs,Fish,Will, and Bobbi in the story
to convince him to drive them to the
hospital where Mibs and Fish's dad is.
Lill : Lill is a waitress that is constantly
late for her job in the story. Lester
decided to hitch-hike her on to the bus
so she could get to her job, Lill needed
to be hitch-hiked because her car broke
down in the middle of the road. Lill's
personality to the kids and Lester is
sweet,caring,nice,generous, and wise.

Rocket : Rocket is Mibs and Fish's older
brother in the story. He leaves with his
mother in the beginning to go to the hospital
to vist his injured father. He's pretty powerful
because his power is to create electricity and
static. Rocket was very boastful and energetic
in the beginning part of the story.
Samson : Samson is Mibs's and Fish's
little brother that folowed them through
the adventure. Samson didn't really
have a part in the story because he didn't
really talk or do action in the book. He usually
hides in events of the story , but Samson is
some how always there.
Mibs's Mom : Mibs and Fish's mom in the
story has been talked about alot, but in
the story she has only been in the book
towards the beginning and end. Mrs.Beumont's
power is to be perfect, but she can still make
perfect messes and mistakes. Her personality
in the story is wise,careful, and nice.
Mibs's Dad : Like Mibs's mom, Mibs's dad has
been spoken of in the book, and he is also the
reason why Mibs ran away. Mibs wanted to see him
and help him get better from his injury from a car crash.
He didn't to anything in the beginning or middle of the
book, but he has been in the story.
Frame #5
Place : The story takes place in Mibs's house during dinner time.
Rocket and Mibs have a conversation about Mibs's future powers,
and Rocket doubts that Mibs will get a powerful one.

Setting : The setting starts when Mibs starts talking
about her brother's old 13th birthday. She explained
after his birthday, his power was to create storms and trouble.So then she said they had to move somewhere
else to protect Fish's identity.
Time : The time takes place in the past because, the main
character of the book is telling the story. Mibs (the main
character) uses past tense vocabulary, so the timing of
this book is easy to know.
Frame #6
Main Event #1 : The 1st important main event of this book is when Mibs,Fish,Will Junior, and Bobbi run away from Mibs's birthday party at the church. While they all decided to go on a bible supply bus to get to hope hospital.
Main Event #2 : The 2nd important main event of
this book is when the bus driver and his hitch hiker
(Lill) believed that the kids were lost. The kids decided to
lie to the bus driver (Lester) and his hitch hiker (Lill)
so they could get to the hospital more easy. Since
they belived the kids, the decided to pay for a motel
room for the night so the kids wouldn't have to sleep
on the bus. It would take a long time to drive to the
Frame #8
The rising action was when Mibs went to her birthday party at Miss.Rosemary's
church. Since Mibs's family was going through a crisis,Miss Rosemarry felt
terrible for Mibs because her birthday was coming up soon. So she decided to plan Mibs's party at her church. While Mibs was at the church exploring her birthday party, she was given a special birthday pen from a boy named Will
Junior. After she was given the pen, she noticed a tattoo on the back of Will's
16 yr. old older siser (Bobbi). The tattoo started to talk to Mibs about Bobbi's thoughts. Mibs freaked out once she found out her powers were to listen and communicate with anything ink related on human skin. Mibs fainted and woke up fine, except she had different thoughts in her mind about her new Savvy.
Frame #9
Mississippi (Mibs) knew that morning she had a feeling that her Savvy was to wake anything up . She thought this because, when she got up ,her sister woke up and that was a rare thing. When she walked through the hallway,she saw her brother's thought-to-be-dead turtle wake up from hibernation, and that made it clear she'd know her powers were to awake anything . After the drama Mibs caused at the church, she planed to run away to go on the bible bus to hope she'd get to Hope Hospital to see her majorly injured father. As Mibs tried the to escape from the church, Will noticed and decided to follow her. When Mibs was about to walk towards the bus, Will stoped her and asked what was she doing. MIbs didn't respond and ignored his question, and at that very second Mibs's brother (Fish) appeared to go with Mibs. They both started to tell Will he had to go ,but Will didn't care ,he decided to follow them anyway. While they were all walking down towards he bus, Bobbi (Will's older sister) watched what they were doing. She asked what
they were all doing, but Will tried to convince her to stay out of the situation. Bobbi refused and went along with them, they all jumped in the bus's trunk and started to argue about Will and Bobbi leaving.
Frame #10
After all the arguing and the harassment in the bus, the bus driver (Lester) started to notice. He stopped the bus and hoped down to open the trunk of the bus. He opened the trunk and saw all the kids. Mibs begged Lester to take them to Hope Hospital, but she lied to Lester about the part of them being lost. Luckily Lester was kind enough to let them stay with him until they got to the hospital. While everyone was on the bus, Lester started to talk about his job, and the places he had to travel to. During the drive, Lester found a hitch-hiker on the way, so he decided to let her in. The hitch-hiker started to introduce herself, she said her name was Lill and she worked as a waitress. As time started to come by, the kids asked Lill when they'd be served food. A while later the kids were given food and Lill got to her job. Lill told the kids to wait in the employee room until she was finished working, but Lill's mean boss caught the kids in the employees room and fired Lill in a tragic way . Lester,Lill, and all the kids drove to a near by motel to stay for the night. The next morning, Lester said he had to go to his boss's house to give her the money from the Bible bus. As They arrived there, Lester's boss wasn't happy about the guests Lester brought in the bus. She recognized all the kids from the news that said they were all missing. She called the cops on him, and Lester and the kids rode off, but this whole time Samson (Mibs's younger brother) was on thr trip with everyone. Mibs noticed Samson wasn't in the bus, so she told Lester they had to o back to Leter's boss's house. Mibs got out a pen amd drew a face on Lester's boss's leg to find out where she locked Samson, luckily she got the answer and found him. The cops finallly arrived to see what was going on. Mibs confessed everything and told them it was her fault because, she wanted to get down to Salina Hope Hospital to see her injured father. Will's father then arrived to clarify Mibs's family had to get down to Hope Hospital because her father wasn't getting any better. Will's father,Lester,Lill, and all the kids arrived at the hospital.
Frame #11
Mibs's family said their good-byes to Lester,Lill, and Will's sister,Mom,Dad, and Will. Mibs's mom wanted to know all about Mibs's savvy but Mibs ignored the question to see her dad. Mibs went inside of his room and saw he looked liked a broken mess. Mibs decided to try to wake him up like she thought when she woke up her sister, and Samson's thought-to-be-dead turtle., but she knew that was never going to work again. She remembered her dad's mermaid tattoo, so she started to listen if the mermaid was speaking ,but there was no answer. Poor Mib's started to cry knowingly she couldn't do anything to help him. Mibs whispered in his ear "you may think you have no Savvy like the rest of us, but your Savvy is to never give up." Mibs started to think how he wouldn't stop bugging mom to go on a date before they even knew met each other, and how he wouldn't give up trying to find the perfect birthday dress until Mibs received it. Mibs's father woke up repeating the words "don't give up." A year later Mibs father was in good shape except sometimes he'd forget things. Rocket turned 18 and moved to his uncle's house, his uncle's house seemed like a pretty good fresh start. Mibs was turning 14 and nothing terrible happened, Mibs knew her Savvy and got used to it.
Frame #12
I learned that you can't always have a perfect schedule or good luck. Mibs's birthday was coming up and her dad got into a car accident, and that was niether of those 2 things. Mibs had no idea that her dad would get injured, she'd then try to run away to try to get to the hospital, and deal with drama. She then just eventually grew up after her journey. So don't always count on somebody that you think nothing bad could happen to, because you'd never know what might happen next.
Frame #13
First reading strategy : I read many pages a day, but on every following day I would go back two pages to see where I left off so I could remember better.

Second reading strategy : Every word I found that I didn't recognize would question me. So I'd simply look it up in my dictionary to understand the definition, and after I was finished I'd read on.
Frame #14
I recommend this book to all of my friends because,
this story is an amazing adventure with appropriate
events in the book. It would show all my friends how
Mibs was brave enough to do all of those stunts just
to be with her injured father. Also, like her father she
just didn't want to give up. I'd only recommend this book to girls only because, Savvy is about a girl's point of view.
Frame #15
About the author:
Fact #1 : Ingrid law is an awarding winning author for her 2 books Savvy and Scumble. Her books have been placed on 25 state reading lists.
Fact #2 : Ingrid lives in Boulder, Colorado. The activities
she does for living are writing,reading,thinking about new books,going out to the movie theaters, and walking
near her favorite lakes and ponds.
Main characters
Minor characters
Main events
Rising action
Falling action
Fact #3 : Ingrid originally was born in northern New York, but her family moved to Colorado when she was 6 yrs. old. She discovered as she got old that small things and places can be just as interesting as big ones.
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