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Copy of Reebok is a worldwide leading producer, designer and distrib

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adibah bari

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Reebok is a worldwide leading producer, designer and distrib

Why is business integration important to Reebok?
Cost savings and efficiency
: By integrating the organization's systems, it will streamline processes, making a real difference to your bottom line.
Customer satisfaction
: By making everything that company know about their customers available at every touch point across in their business, they can meet their needs throughout the customer life-cycle.
Improved cash flow
: Integrated systems eliminate delay meaning company can bill their customers faster.
Strategic insight
: When everything is integrated it’s easier for company senior people to understand how their organization is operating and ensure processes are as streamlined as possible.


Reebok is a worldwide leading producer, designer and distributor of sports equipments and products targeting athletes and youth. Today, most organization are using packaged software for their key business processes. Enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management and electronic commerce systems enable organization to improve their focus of using information systems to support their operational and financial goals. In the last decade Reebok started relationship with SAP, with the objective to produce the version of SAP R/3
Difficult in effort to integrated the Canadian operations into the US business operation.
Facing declining in the aerobics market.

Problem Statement
1991, the information systems area was less than up-to-date, with no global information system or way to look at data.
Communications, primarily by telephone and fax, between the manufacturing partners and worldwide distribution network were slow.
Ordering system were first printed out locally and faxed to the international headquarters in London and send them to the US to be entered in the mainframe.
Question 1...
Question 3
When problems arise with the network, or the software, how can they be identified and resolved? How do we set up an IS group to solve problems and help users?

check product inventories and raw material stocks when retailers and distributors placed orders.
several customers also complained about the their product.
so, the company use Web-based system to handle business-to-business transaction with supplier.
the company learned about the problem almost immediately. based on the immediate feedback, they told cutomers to treat thier product before sell it.
through the Information System the company use new media approaches such as Youtube and Second Life to market their products.
Reebok installed Radnet Inc.' WebShare groupware system to maintain its web site. The system has tools for email, discussion groups, and bulletin boards.
Question 4
How has Reebok been hampered by its information system?

Question 5
Write a report to management that describes the primary cause of the problems, a detailed plan to solve them, and show how the plan solves the problems and describe any other benefits it will provide.

By standardizing processes of using information technology implement in Reebok company like SAP, AFS , BW, Retail Inventory Management if having advance information technologies and processes to meet the changing requirement to-re-engineering, improve its communication, supply chain system, use electronic data interchange and improving organizational data and process. This will result in increased operational efficiency and lowers cost across their power generating products. This will shift company to meet the world requirement for sport shoes industry.

How IS bring company in future and increase the revenue?
synchronize orders across suppliers and subcontractors in a dozen countries by using advance supply chain management system.
online store- customers purchase directly from the company
reliability - share information from point of sales down to the production line to ensure everyone has the correct information.
emphasize creativity and innovation
(Million $)
Year 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999
Revenue 3,485 3,128 2,993 2,865 2,900
Net Income 157 126 102 81 11

Design for voice, videos and data.
Electronic image library develop to product shots to be distributed to every country.
reduce the lead time.
increasing materials replacement
Product codes and shoe sizes.
Small distributors and subsidiaries access to the system.
Store the catalogs with mail links through cc:Mail.
Enables goods to be tracked through shipping companies, customs, and warehouses.
New system

Linked to customer databases.
Intellectual Property rights
Privacy & confidentially of information
Integrity & security of information
Legal Status of Online Transaction
Paul Fireman founded Reebok in 1979-president & ceo of reebok
Tom Trainer joined Reebok in 1991-Chief Information Officer (CIO)
-before joined, the information systems area was less than up to date
-no global information system to look at data

Question 2
Question 2
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