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Roman Empire

Janneke Boer

Janneke Boer

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of Roman Empire

Patricians and Plebians

  ~ When the last king was thrown out of Rome in 509 B.C. Roman leaders decided to begin a very new form of government - a republic. 

~ Leaders chose to replace the king by consuls. The consuls received  advice from a group of rich people known as the Senate. 
Struggle for Rights
~ By 494 B.C., the plebeians had suffered long enough.
~ They formed their own assembly, known as the Council of Plebeians.
~They also elected their own leaders, called tribunes to protect their rights. 
~Now the plebeians could vote against any bad law passed by the Senate.
~Next, the plebeians demanded that the laws be changed .
Since Rome’s laws had never been written down,  judges often ruled unfairly against plebeians.
The Twelve Tables
~ The laws were engraved on the twelve tablets.
~These laws were displayed in the Forum, Rome's marketplace, so all citizens could see the rights given to them.
-Plebeians gained more and more rights, and eventually even become member's of the Senate.
-The plebeians demanded that the laws passed by their assembly would get rights by the Patricains. 
-Plebeians and Patricians were finally equal under roman laws.
Ancient Rome
Class Sytstem

~ demanded for more rights
~ Threated to leave Rome.
~ Patricians didnt want to lose workers, so gave more rights.
~ Plebians could elect Tribunes
~ Tribunes could veto any law that could harm plebians.
Note that veto means 'say no'

Plebians: Also known as Plebs.
There jobs were to do
and shopkeeping
Topics we are going to cover....
~ They lived in apartment houses, called flats, above or behind their shops.

~Their own apartments might not be quite roomy and pleasant because they would have it with no running water, it was not that nice.

~ In the apartment houses, or flats, an entire family (grandparents, parents, children) would be all be crowded into one room, without running water.

~ fire was a real threat because they had no water and the fire can spread very easy.

~ They didn't have toilets so they had to use public toilets or most of the time they used even a pot in there appartment if they could not make it to a real bathroom on time.
... small
Government role of the plebians
~They had no say in anything until they said they were going to make their own city and then the patricians gave them rights.

~They were a part of the assembly and allowed to vote but they couldn't be in the senate.

~The plebeians elected a Tribune.

~The Tribune was the voice of the plebeians.

~Most of the laws couldn't go through unless the Tribune agreed.

This was like this because that sertain law might effect the plebians badly.
~ The patricians were the rich landowners.
~Mothers and daughters would have slaves to help them with their hair. The popular hairstyle could take hours to develop.
~Slaves in patrician households rarely had their own bedrooms.
~ The plebeians elected tribunes and could go against any mistreatment by the consuls or the Senate.
Foreginers - peregrini
~ Were allowed to do buisness but not to become citizens.
~ Slaves were the lowest Roman class.
~ They had no rights and could be tortured or killed by their owners.
~ domestic servants had better living conditions
~ The feedmen: these former slaves had certain rights but were not full citizens unless their former masters released them, which did not always happen.
Freedmen And Slaves
Slaves were captured in war........
~ The Roman government was a strange mix of a democracy and a republic.





Why did Romans March by: Miles Kelly
is my book that I used....
The Are Now Equal
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