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Urban legends, fact or fiction?

Yakov Temofeev 404 17th of october 2012

yakov temofeev

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Urban legends, fact or fiction?

Miss Giroux`s English class
Made by:
Yakov Temofeev
17th of october 2012 Urban legends
Fact or Fiction? Thirsty for blood?
Drink chocolate milk! True or False? Origins Worst thing is, milk is known to
be drank all over the world! Wait, officer I am getting a call...
*Gunshot* 1st story: Cow blood in chocolate milk.

I think that the belief that something disgusting is
in your food dates back to humanity, because no one wants to eat something unsanitary. Everybody eats, therefore, it is easy to spread a food rumor like that. Purpose When cows are milked, there is often a great amount of blood that comes out with the milk . Obviously, milk producers don't want to lose their money, so instead of inefficiently throwing away the contaminated milk, they pass the milk on to chocolate milk producers, just to make some income. The cocoa blends in with the blood and the milk, erasing all traces of color and taste of the blood. Overseas, ordinary looking cell phones
are actually a .22 caliber firearm. These phones are same size, and same overall appearance as a regular cell phone, but beneath the ordinary looking surface lies a .22 caliber gun that can fire 4 shots in quick succession. «Officers find it very shocking and pray for it never to reach America.» The police think that these phones came from Yugoslavia. So always keep calm when customs officials ask you to check you cell phone out! The first story, about the chocolate milk is proven to be entirely false, there has never been, nor never will be blood in chocolate milk. This story is a hoax. The second story, about the guns disguised as cell phones
is actually true, the picture is accurate. These new weapons are just a smile on crime lords all over the world!
2nd story: Guns disguised as cell phones.

This true story dates back to 2001, when a `cell phone gun` warning came with a video that shows this firearm in action. The video came from an unknown source. Urban Legends all have a purpose, whether it is to prevent something bad to happen or to make people aware about their environment. 1st story: Cow blood in chocolate milk.

I think that this particular hoax was first told to young kids so that their parents could make them aware that you shouldn't believe in just anything, just because you think it's beef, doesn't necessarily make it beef. All information has been taken from
http://snopes.com 2nd story: Cell phone guns.

This story , even if true, it still scares people. I think that by telling this story to people, it might scare them, but it will also make them learn that there is more than meets the eye, in a lot of things.

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