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No description

Erkan Likos

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of charity

Values Education, CHARITY
Values Education by Dr. E. LIKOS
What is charity ?
A lot of different ideas and ways of what charity is:
Results ??
Now a new report from the World Resources Institute has revealed the world will need 60% more calories per year to feed the population by 2050. At the moment 24% of calories produced for people are never consumed.

Food waste harms climate, water, land and biodiversity
One Planet, Too Many People?
By 2100, the global human population may reach 9.5 billion with 75% of these people located within urban settlements.  Meeting the needs and demands of these people will provide significant challenges to governments and society at large, and the engineering

Charity is only giving and sharing?
an organization that collect money to help poor, ill etc. people. to do work that will be of benefit to society.
fairness, equality, helping each other by sharing their stuff, money, heart, wishes… etc.
Zakah, the Islamic concept of mandatory alms-giving, often translated as "charity"
Sadaqah, the Islamic concept of voluntary alms-giving, often translated as "charity"
the Christian theological concept of unlimited love and kindness
P. Francis: Throwing Away Food is Like Stealing from the Poor

Starving in Africa …
Africa is only for natural resources or laborer needs ?
by Kevin Carter, 1993
WHY he think
like this?
what human being suppose to do ?
Thank you for this week !!!
next week,
our topic will be
it is one of the way to be HUMAN BEINGS
What we can do MORE ?
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