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Not a Powerpoint Project

Web Design 11

Miaondra Maia

on 9 October 2009

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Transcript of Not a Powerpoint Project

Computer Terminology WORD ONE Social Networking It comes in the form of... Defined as a website that allows the user to become part of a VIRTUAL COMMUNITY You can... Update Your Status Comment on them Poke People Add friends Create Many Different Profiles WORD TWO Sampling A good documentary about Copyright and Sampling is "Rip! A Remix Manifesto". Defined as a collaboration or "Mash" of video or audio clips to create new works.
A highly contriversial artistry because of Copyright issues. WORD THREE Search Engine Defined as a website that indexes every inch of the web, allowing users to find the information needed easily. They use "Spiders" to do this. WORD FOUR "Spiders" A software used by search engine sites to travel the Web, locating and indexing. It tracks all the links on a website, feeding it to the search engine. WORD FIVE "SQL" Structured Query Language Defined as a query language used to acess and modify information in a database. It was first used by IBM in 1975 WORD SIX "Skin" Refers to the user's preferrance of appearence to a program interface. Simular in context to a "Theme". WORD SEVEN Streaming Seen commonly in the forms of audio and video streaming. Defined by when a multimedia file can be played back without being completely downloaded first.
A good example of this is Youtube or Daily Motion. WORD EIGHT Sync-ing "sync-ing" a device, means you synchronize it with your computer.
The syncing process is a form of "merging" the data because it
copies the most recently entered information to each device. WORD NINE "Systray" System Tray

the collection of small icons on the opposite side of the Start Menu. WORD TEN Source Code href = " often referred to as the "source" of a program. " <Source> title= " It contains variable <declarations>, <instructions>, <functions>, <loops> "
<map name-"map"> Href = " and other statements that tell the program how to function. " "SQL" Structured Query Language
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