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who's dun it?

With the clue's through this prezi, you have to find out the murderer who killed Mr Williams.

Megan Boreham

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of who's dun it?

Clue one: this person likes to play football. this picture was found on the Mr W body. what could this mean? he has no eyes? who dun it? clue 3 a pascal triangle? Mr Williams has recently got murdered
The murderer un known.. we have no clue who they could be but we have found some clue's left with the victim can they help you solve this? A sandwich? what?
why? why was a sandwich
left? clue 5 :A computer was left on from local student.. here is what he said. "Just before lunch I was in the i.c.t room, Mr Willams was at his computer, i belive he was looking up his next lesson, I had to leave to go and get my lunch, he said I could leave the computer on, so I did, about 15 mins later I returned, but he was on the floor, so I couldnt turn it off, it was really sudden I'm really worried there is a murderer in the building!, police were everywhere!" u neva catch me, u dont k now ho i am. i hupe u neva will, u neva catch me. clue 6 Clue 4: clue 2 bad spelling? Now its your turn to find out the murderer.
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