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No description

John Paul Macatantan

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Haynayan


H_0 = No Significance in using Haynayan in the learning process of pupils

H_1 = There is significance in using Haynayan in the learning process of pupils

Enhancing the learning process of pupils through Haynayan.
What is Haynayan?
Haynayan is a proposed game that aims to enhance the learning process of pupils in Human Body Systems.
the researchers were able to derive
the following conclusion:
The proposed educational game Haynayan
did have significance
in the learning and teaching
pace of both the pupils and
teachers respectively for the
results from the pre and
post-test questionnaires
improved from average to easy.
based from the statistical data, it showed that the understanding of the pupils were enhanced.
The proposed educational game Haynayan based on the teachers perspective, is highly recommended. .
Addition of map for the game will be better so as the pupils will not be confused on the location of the items to be searched on.
Idio, Catherine O.
Macatantan, John Paul D.
Padcayan, Jilliane S.

Statement of the Problem 2
Statement of the Problem 3
Scope and Limitations
Presented By:
Statement of the
Problem 1
Enhancement of the educational game such as adding additional body systems and more quiz questions.
What is the logical
and physical design
of the game?
What is the significance
of using Haynayan in the
learning process of
What is the significance
of using Haynayan in the
lteaching process of
There was an increase of knowledge
about the respiratory, digestive and
skeletal systems for the pupils were
having either only one mistake
or perfect scores for the quiz.
Cross pointer will be a good help for the pupils so that the cursor will not be anywhere else.
The educational game could be adopted by elementary schools as an additional learning material to their curriculum.
Haynayan could use an enhancement for mobile and web app integrations.
The proposed game is 3d, it is a
first person view. There are 3 games;
skeletal, digestive and respiratory
Logical and Physical Design
game based solely on body systems
stand alone game
problem 1
two-tailed test
reject null hypothesis and ACCEPT the alternate hypothesis
from the teachers
positive feedback
Future researchers could use the research as a reference for their study
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