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Copy of Mobile Advertising


Naya Resnick

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising Timeline SMS Industry Revenue & Growth U.S. Mobile Ad Revenue Digital vs. Mobile Advertising Text Messaging One of earliest mobile ads (1990s)
Opt-in Custom Ads Value Chain Only 1 in 5 smartphone owners believe ads belong on their device. Source: Nielson Q1 Mobile Connected Device Report Web vs. Mobile Web vs. App People Don't Trust Mobile Ads "To What Extent Do You Trust the Following Forms of Advertising?" Banners Types of Mobile Ads Mobile vs. Apps Click to redirect to site, access phone features, go to specific application, etc. Source: Nielson Global Online Survey (Q3 2011 n=501) Interstitials But Mobile Is Growing. Rapidly. Smartphone Sales Overtook PC Sales App: Common in games
Mobile web: Invitation to download app Other Click to call:
Added feature to already featured search ads

Integrates use of phone's hardware features Apps Branded In-game Sponsored Mobile Web Traffic Now Accounts for 13% of Total Internet Traffic People Don't Want Mobile Ads Mobile Advertising David Mangold
Ashkon Nosrat
Naya Resnick
Ginny Wu This Leads to Relatively Ineffective Ads Mobile Isn't Just Phones 29% of USA Adults Own Tablet / eReader, Up from 2% Less Than Three Years Ago Large Disparity Between Time Spent and Ad Spending on Mobile Devices Source: KPCB Mary Meeker Internet Trends D10 Conference 5/30/2012 Presents a Big Opportunity For Advertisers Source: KPCB Mary Meeker Internet Trends D10 Conference 5/30/2012 The Future is Mobile! Current Trends: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Sponsored User Subscribed
Pages Mobile Phones Source: KPCB Mary Meeker Internet Trends @ Stanford - Bases Kick Off 12/3/2012 Feature Phones WAP Browsing
Limited Content
Slow Data Speeds Early 90s 1996 Early 90s Faster Delivery
Direct Advertising
Two-Way Communication Early 2000s Slow 3G
Adoption 2007 Smartphones iPhone
3G Adoption
Apps Tablets Bigger Screens
User Adoption 3x faster than iPhone
More Receptive to Ads 2009 2011 iPhone - 100 million units sold
Android - 640 million units sold
iPad - 55 million sold
3G speed - 64% adoption in U.S.
73% of mobile time spent on apps
New forms of advertising emerge 2011
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