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Turnitin and formative uses for students to self-check and develop academic writing skills

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Laura Taylor

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Turnitin and formative uses for students to self-check and develop academic writing skills

Turnitin allows students to self-check work, develop academic writing skills and submit online. Demonstrate how students could use Turnitin to self-check academic writing.

Suggest and discuss ‘originality settings’.

Discuss the significance of the highlighted sections of originality reports and what these mean. How can turnitin help our students improve their academic writing skills? Turnitin Supporting our students Turnitin:Drop Box The Aim of this session Students can use Turnitin to self check their work Match Similarities to the source in the data base Helps identifies poor academic practice Improve their appreciation of the requirements to interpret, organise and create knowledge. Avoid poor academic practice by learning to recognise the various forms of plagiarism Express original thought Provides opportunity to increase understanding of the various types of plagiarism Provides a Similarity Score and Originality Report The Originality Report Benefits of the Originality Report students properly cite all sources
all quotes are clearly marked by quotation marks
all work is original

as students avoid the following:
presenting another's work word-for-word as their own
copying significant portions of text straight from a single source without alteration
borrow generously from a previous piece of work or another student's piece of work
paraphrasing most of the paper from other sources offers a similarity score matches similarities views and matches sources excludes or includes quoted and bibliographic materials provides a summary report offers side by side comparison to detect
plagiarism The Role of the Module Lead Formative Benefits to students:

Turnitin can be used as a formative tool for students to understand the requirements of academic writing.

Students can independently submit their work and receive originality reports immediately.

These originality reports clearly indicate areas of writing which are in need of attention i.e. formal citation or quotes. Thank you for joining us Set up a ‘TurnitinUK Assignment’ Dropbox/Submission Box

• Go into your staff test area (STAT_TEST_CAINA: Test Course - Adrian Cain)
• Go into a Content Area
• Set up a Dropbox - ‘Add interactive Tool’/TurnitinUK Assignment/Paper Assignment
• Title - Unique and memorable
• Settings – Only two which are required, the rest are your choice
Generate Originality Reports for submissions? – Yes
Allow students to see Originality Reports? – Yes Risks • Online Submission
Online Marking
Online Feedback
Online Moderation
Online Return Ensure VLE Baseline
Check Student Enrollment
Add Module Staff
Design and Add Content
Make Module Available
Check Assessment
Submission Date
Set Up Drop Box
Instruct Students
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