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Cooperative Education

No description

Dave Rule

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education
Questions Answered WHO can participate? WHERE can students do their placements? WHY is this program beneficial to students? WHAT is coop? Coop is a chance for students to gain real life experience
in a supervised environment, while obtaining High School
credits. This program offers the unique opportunity for us to reach all students:
Academic students can investigate possible ccareers
Non Academic students can gain work experience and credits that will help them graduate
At Risk students can be kept engaged in school to keep their eye on the goal of graduation ALL STUDENTS who:
- have completed 15 credits including Career Studies
- have a good attendance record and;
- demonstrate attitude and behaviours that would allow success in the world of work What about students that I have concerns about that are applying for coop?

All students who apply to coop are asked for teacher references. It is important for students to take the coop experience seriously. An interview process is also in place.

As long as the placement is SAFE and adequate supervision is available,
almost anywhere can be used as an experiential learning site. WHEN do students sign up? Students simply choose coop on their course selection sheet,
and the coop teachers will walk them through the rest of
the process closer to the end of the year. Thank-you for your support!
Please come talk to me if you have any questions! What can I do? If you know of a student who could benefit from a Cooperative Education experience, please refer them to us! This is an informational video for cooperative education and experiential learnin was created for Halton Region and was downloaded from Youtube
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