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My Healthy Living Portfolio

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erin p.g

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of My Healthy Living Portfolio

Fitness Testing/GLO's
The first week of Physed, our class did "fitness testing".
Ultimate Frisbee
Awesome Sport! Catch the disk in the opposing team's end to score, intercept passes, make awesome catches to win.
Healthy Active Living Goals
Achieve a 7/10 on the Agility Test
Throughout the semester we've had the opportunity to try out and learn a variety of sports, games, activities and lessons.
My Fitness Plan
I am:
Currently a fitness score of 8.14 out of 10.
This is because:
I value physical activity, and putting forth an effort in class.
My Plan:
I would like my fitness score to be a 9 out of 10.
I can do this by:
Working on my weaker fitness tests; the agility test.
Pushing myself when we do the 5 minute run in warmup.
My Healthy Living Portfolio
Healthy Active Living Goals
To improve by 2 laps on the Beep Test and try my hardest in warm-up runs.
This is important to me:
It will help me improve my over all fitness score.

I can keep track using definite numbers.
I can measure to see if I'm improving.

I will improve by:
Doing quad-muscle strengthening and sprint practice drills.
Doing squats, and wall sits to improve my power in sprint starts.
This will also help with my cross-training for hockey and soccer outside of school.
I most recently received an 81 on the Beep Test.
I would like to have an 83 next time.
This is important because:
It is good cross-training for the sports I participate in outside of class.
To improve in this test:
I am a part of the cross-country team at Twin.
I am participating in the Snowflake series, to keep active during the winter. This will force me to keep running throughout the winter so I can maintain my fitness and feel good about my races.
This is a realistic goal:

I can achieve this goal by the time-limit and not be disappointed, if I don't.
Something I will have to overcome in order to achieve this goal is laziness and the urge to eat badly and watch T.V. instead of going for a run.
Flag Football
Health and Wellness
Sexual Education
These tests included:
The Beep Test
The Agility Test
The Sit-Up Test
The Push-Up Test
The Sit and Reach Test
The Wall Toss Test
The Vertical Jump Test
These tests are designed to focus and examine our body's cardio, endurance, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, agility, and power.
Weight Room
Anyone down for another round of bring sally up?
Or a try to bench-press the BAR?
Or nahhhhh?
...and lets all remember the day Arianna rolled in dog poo...
Dalphine's last unit:(
We got to play the best sport in the world...
Hockey! Team Canada, team Ireland, Italy, and [sealand](?!:'D) competed for the creamery cup. Dalphine was on my team along with Kira, Jamie, and Cassidy. We learned about offside, face-offs, shooting, and passing. It is necessary that all Canadians have entry level hockey experience.
Although a little slow to get to know the rules, I think its fair to say we tried our best. Here are a few videos that might make us feel a bit better, or worse about ourselves.
Ms. Hendry knows how much of a keen dancer I am. I was amazed to see how great dancers people were, but at the same time I sort of felt bad about how terrible I was, so I wanted to feel better about my dancing skills...
I learned a lot about the three health/wellness units that we covered this semester. They were Wellness and Conflict, CPR, and Sex-Ed.
We are all pro flag-football players:
making plays
counting steamboats
catching the ball
learning the rules
pulling flags
The main rules/goals of soccer:
do NOT touch the ball with your hands
do NOT go out of bounds
KICK the ball into the other team's net
You would think soccer would be pretty safe...
Albane's last unit:(
Yes, we have learned a lot about the technicalities of sport, but also about something a wise pair of women once told us...
From doing these introductory activities I learned everyone's name and got to know them a bit better. From here I felt able to encourage during the fitness testing.
Although we only did rugby for a short period of time, I learned many things about this sport, given I had no previous knowledge before.

MY dancing skills... With Lindsay and Josie:)
were shown to the world by our dance. The dance unit helped me to learn that sometimes to do well or enjoy something, you don't have to be good at it, you just have to try.
I learned:
1.Not to throw the ball forwards.
2.To run the ball into the other teams end-zone.
3.What a 'scrum' is.
4.How to properly pass the ball.
5.(the rules)
My favorite part of the basket ball unit was when we scrimmaged, played games like toilet bowl, and also bump. I especially liked how we continued to play bump, even as our warmup sometimes.
During the time period we did the basket ball unit, I was lucky enough to have it line up with when the Twin Lakes team (which I was fortunate to be apart of) was in the most important part of the season. We were heading into the championship game with the first place team in our division (Patrick Fogarty), who had beaten us before, and never lost to us.
I loved any time we had in the gym because I knew I would need it in the game. When it came down to it in the final seconds, we needed two points to win and I had two foul shots. Drawing on the bump foul shots, I somehow managed to sink them.
Josie loves me...
Tu es mon BFF;)
Conflict and resolution was where we learned about the effect of abuse and violence, and where we can get help if we experience any form of either. We also talked about the different ways to make decisions and the factors we should consider when making hard ones.
In wellness, we discussed the four main points into having a healthy lifestyle:
Good exercise.
Good mental health.
Good social health.
Good spiritual health.
23and 1/2 hours
", the video I told you about - optional:)
Before doing the CPR part of this course, I had already some experience with first aid, and of course CPR, having done the Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Course. Though I had learned CPR prior to this unit, I still liked the practice and learned some tips on my position, how far to push down on the victim's chest, and so on, which I found helpful.
I take comfort in how the schools are teaching CPR to all students. I think this will make a difference, and even if it's only one life saved, that is all you could ask.
In this unit I learned that sex-ed is not just about learning the anatomy, the reproductive system, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases, but also about healthy relationships, and choices.
It is good to have things you value in a relationship, so that you don't get into a bad situation.
Honesty, time, respect, and openness.
*Breaks out in song*... "TAKE, ME OUT TO THE BALL-GAME!...
Although it is nice to have an appreciation for the sport, baseball is not my favorite game. Every time I think of baseball, I think of cigarettes at Kitchener Park when I am trying to ACTUALLY RUN in soccer... :)
(he agrees)
This healthy living portfolio will cover:
my fitness goals
sports units
health and wellness units
BY: Erin Parna-Gile
Teacher: Ms. Hendry
Gr.9: Physical Education
School:Twin Lakes Secondary School
Physical education
is an excellent opportunity for everyone, especially those who would not otherwise get the opportunity to learn about
fitness, sports, health and wellness
, and how we can apply it to our lives, so we can
live a long, healthy, enjoyable life
(the greatest peer assistant ever)
Josie the jellyfish led us through awesome rock paper scissor warm-ups, ab/core strengthening workouts and taught us what it means to be girls... awwww
We each made an informative pamphlet on substance use and abuse.
If I could, one thing which I would feed back about this unit is that the in-class videos had great shock value, appealed to the emotions of everyone, and were very effective.
By: Erin Parna-Gile
Don't Forget!!!
In both of these sports, the main lesson I learned was teamwork.
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