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Service Learning Presentation

Description of tutoring for EDU 581

Karen Sergovic

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Service Learning Presentation

Service Learning Presentation
Karen Sergovic
April 28th
EDU 581 Juan Castro
14 years old
9th grader
Domincan Republic
5 years in the US

Physical Science Class
Ms. Romano
Periods 7/8 Weak Reader
A weakness in L2 language competence can "short circuit" reading performance in L2
an intermediate language learner in l2
Abersold and Field page 27
Cultural Differences in reading
not much reading at home
not valued as much as here in the us
"Those who grew up in homes where reading is seldom seen have a very different view and value of reading." AF page 6
Note Taking-Newton's Laws
helped with note taking from a movie
difficult to watch, listen, and write at the same time
Went through notebook before open notes test on newton's laws
Repeating and rephrasing his responses
Modeling correct language
What do she want here?
What does she want here?
"Repeating a student's response is often done to emphasize
the importance of it or highlight the vocabulary or grammar
used by the student. zwiers-page 59 Cause and Effect Language in science
Tables from zwiers reading
Read Alouds
"When I read something myself I don't get it.
When someone reads it to me--I get it."
Use of Oral scaffolds

spells phonetically
has problems taking good notes
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