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Reading tips

Javiera González

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of SQ3R

SQ3R Tips reading First:
Survey the chapter Read the title Look over any graphics,
charts, maps, etc. The chapter objective Question! Create questions about the material. The better the questions, the better your understanding will be. When your mind is actively searching for answers to questions, it is learning! Ok, now it is time to read the chapter Read each section of the chapter with your questions in mind Look for the answers, and take note Recite Practicing out loud what you’ve written down Think about your questions See if you can answer them from memory Don't go on to the next section until you can say what you have learned! Review! Spend 15 minutes every day reviewing your notes. Once you've finished Go back over all the questions that you made See if you can still answer them. If you can Congrats! By:
Javiera González
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