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What is AVID to me?

AVID Final Projet

Elizabeth Lemuz

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of What is AVID to me?

What is AVID
to me?

what YOU should know...
about Plano East:
it is more challenging than high school before, because of the freedom
there are so many different classes that can be taken
there is so many different events occuring all year long becuase of the diversity of clubs and organizations
at East you basically have to work harder in order to stay focused and in order to be successful because many of the classes are a bit harder...not much though :)
Senior Year:
is the hardest of all the years
it is also the most exciting and fun year, as long as you learn how to manage your work and time correctly
it is when you start to see your mistakes from before and you see that everything was important before...
Therefore,you should work extremely hard now to get the best grades ever so that it isn't as hard for you later and so that you don't regret anything from before.
It is expected to know what it means to be an AVID student:
hard worker
a great representative of AVID
It is always expected to try your hardest because by this point you should know what the meaning and importance of being in AVID is. :)
Junior Year
Senior Year
Listen up AVID Seniors...
PLEASE stay focused and work hard!
Don't let Coach or Mrs.Rodgers down, so stay on top of all of your work.
Don't give up when you don't hear back from the colleges you applied to and don't give up when the news isn't good, because it happens..
Scholarships are not as easy to find as we all thought but just keep at it and PLEASE begin applying the summer before senior year.Try to apply to atleast one scholarship every week. (This is for your own good TRUST me!)
Try to get all of your important things done as soon as possible like:
College applications
and don't forget to get your school work done as well.
Most importantly...you all are next, so give a great example to the juniors and represent AVID well. :)
How AVID has benefitted me...
I have learned leadership skills that allows me to interact more with other people.
I know how to keep myself organized when I have many things to do.
I ALWAYS had someone in here that would continue to motivate me and that always helped me when I was struggling.
The amazing character that I know will take me to many places in the future.
Pre-AVID Student...
Before AVID, I was an A student and had really good grades. I know that when I had the opportunity to be in AVID I really wanted to be in this class because I knew it would help me later in the future...
While in AVID...
While in AVID, I ALWAYS think back to the day that I was in History class when they came to talk about the AVID program. I can't believe that that day was when my life changed dramatically. AVID has helped me become a better prepared student for anything. After everything I have been through all of these years, I don't think I would have EVER made it without AVID. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have a stronger self-esteem now, I am a leader, I know what to expect in college, I know that there are many struggles and AVID has helped me overcome them all...
Student in College?
Thanks to AVID I have come a long way and so
now when I go off to college I plan to continue
working hard like I have been doing up until now.
I know I am going to try my hardest ever while in
college because it is so much easier now to get distracted.
I have my goal set and I am going to continue my
path towards that goal.
Future Goals...
I plan on going to Collin College for 2 years first,
and then transferring.
I am still undecided to what college I will transfer to because I want to do more research about SFA and UNT.
At this point,I plan to major in Communications Radio/TV...but knowing me...it CAN change...:)
My advice about Honors
AP classes:
take as many as you can handle
they will help you so much
they are not as hard as you think...AS LONG as you study and DO YOUR WORK!!!
AP and honors classes WILL be hard if you don't work at them!!
it challenges you to want to do better
PLUS...you will have AVID there to help you all the time ;)
My AVID...
http://www.bbbstx.org/atf/cf/ 7B3058B77B-C04C-41BB-A6BD-5698207469A3%7D/UNT%20Logo.jpg
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