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Athens vs. Sparta

Greece Notes

Brian Dayton

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Athens vs. Sparta

Athens vs. Sparta The two greatest Greek city-states of all!!!! 1) All About Athens - Named after the Athena, goddess of war

- Boys began school at the age of 7
education = math, philosophy, art, literature, & pyshical fitness
developed a sound mind & body

- Women were caretakes & stay at home

- Birthplace of democratic government

2) What About Sparta? - A warlike city

- Boys left home at the age of 7 to go to school
Lived on a military campus & traine to be a soldier

- Girls recieved athletic training too
taught to be brave
needed strong women to have strong children

- Women allowed to own property & participate in government

- Contact with other city-states was discouraged

- No time for art, or culture, only war
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