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Didier Boot & Louie Sienders

No description

Didier Boot

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Didier Boot & Louie Sienders

Didier Boot & Louie Sienders
Slide points:
Representatives Pepsico Int.
Product Range
Business Opportunities
- Pepsi spent the several decades on acquisitions, many of which have been food companies (Frito-Lay/Quaker Oats) 43% of the company’s income.

- Pepsi shows no signs of slowing down, free-cash-flow expected to remain in the double digit area for next 5+ years, stock will probably approach 92 dollars per share.

-Dividend Numbers are highly attractive.
# Pepsico - 22 Brands

Leading 10 food, drink, and tobacco companies in the United States in 2011,
based on net sales

2012: PepsiCo ranked #9 on Reputation Institute's America's Most Reputable Companies list

2013: PepsiCo ranked #1 on CoreBrand’s
list of the Most Respected Companies

- Coca cola main competitor

- 2005, PepsiCo surpassed CC
since 112 years
- Last year, stars such as
Lionel Messi, Didier drogba,

- Last sale number (Stock)
o PEP – 86.03
o KO – 40.22

PepsiCo has 22 brands that each generated $1 billion
or more in 2012 in estimated annual retail sales:
Product Range
Business Opportunities
Emerging Markets Share
Food & Beverage
US - Outside US
PepsiCo AMEA 10%
PepsiCo Europe 20%
PepsiCo Americas Beverages 33%
PepsiCo Americas Food 37%
Emerging Markets
In 2006, emerging and developing markets accounted for 24 percent of PepsiCo net revenue; in 2012, they represented 35 percent.
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