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abbod zakouT - 000

No description

abbod zakouT

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of abbod zakouT - 000

Expo 2020, is a Universal scale Registered Exposition time slot sanctioned by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), Paris on 27 November 2013. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates won the right to hold Expo 2020
Why Dubai Deserves to host Expo 2020 ?
First, this is Dubai’s moment. As you approach
Dubai its incredible skyline makes a stunning
first impression. But as I discovered when
I visited last year, you leave with a lasting
impression of something far greater.
In just 50 years, Dubai has been transformed
from a small fishing and pearling town into
one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
This is a city where you will hear
Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam, Somali, Tagalog,
Russian and English all being spoken
and where more than
200 nationalities live and work.One hundred thousand Britons
call Dubai home, while thousands more visit for
work or vacation, with over 20 flights
between Dubai and the UK every day.
Students pledge support for Expo 2020
The BIE Enquiry Mission flew by helicopter today for an aerial tour of the greenfield location that has been identified for developing the Dubai Expo 2020 site, Dubai Trade Centre - Jebel Ali.
As the helicopter flew above, the site below was filled with young students and volunteers from a number of schools and colleges in the UAE including Dubai Men’s College, GEMS Wellington International School and GEMS Westminster School, forming the shape of the Dubai Expo 2020 logo to signify where the site will be built.

Our School Supporting Expo 2020
Benefits Of Expo 2020 towards Dubai
As for the benefits an Expo can deliver both to its host nation and those that choose to exhibit, these range from tangibles such as economic gains to less quantifiable, but no less significant, advances in areas such as cultural relations and soft diplomacy.“The value of hosting an Expo includes reinforcement of good international relations between the host city and participating countries; encouragement of cultural exchange and education; stimulation of economic growth; contribution to environmental protection efforts; urban renewal of the host city and experimentation with the future and technological innovation,” says Loscertales. “Expos serve as a powerful instrument of public and cultural diplomacy.”
Number Smart
*The total investment in the infrastructures related to Expo 2020 is estimated at Dh25 billion
*Dubai World Expo 2020 will generate around 277 thousand new job opportunities in Dubai
*Expo 2020 will inject €28.8 billion (more than Dh140 billion) in Dubai’s GDP
*Expo 2020 will enhance Dubai’s trade and support its tourism development strategy targeting 20 million tourists and tripling tourism contribution in the emirate’s economy by 2020
*From the environmental aspects, the design of the exhibition centre is eco-friendly. Dubai Expo 2020 target to produce 50% of the Expo’s energy requirements on site
An Interview with some TWS Students
Our Team Members
1) AbdulRahman Zuhair (abbod zakouT)
Presentation Creator + Website creator + interviewer
2) Mena Maurice
Interviewer + Speaker
3) SM Hadi
Photographer + Interviewer
4) Mohammed Baher
Photographer + Camera Man
5)Syed Omar Zufran
Our Project Includes:
*Multiple Intelligence
*Team Work
*Real Interviews
*Best Videos
*Best Photos
*Online Presentation
*Cross curriculum
Visit Us At:
Thank You For Watching Hope You Had Fun !
Presentation Created By : AbdulRahman Zuhair
- 10B4
COPYRIGHT © 2014~ Created By : abbod zakouT™

--> SM Hadi's Photography
--> The Westminster School
--> The Dubai Mall
COPYRIGHT © 2014~ Created By : abbod zakouT™
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