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Cool facts of Hinduism with Aleks and Sana

To expand the understanding of Hinduism within each students.

Aleks Vold

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Cool facts of Hinduism with Aleks and Sana

Hinduism What are the Basic Hindu Beliefs? How are the Hindu and caste system Linked? What has influenced Hinduism or been influenced by Hinduism? Practices/ rituals of Hinduism and how it influnces daily life. Roots of Hinduism -Some Scholars belive hinduism arose when the light-skinned ayrans conquered darker-skinned.
- Others believe it was based on occupation.

They roots of Hindusim lie in aryan belief and practices, that have changed over the years. The Cheif religon in India! 1500-500 BC - No founder.
- No formal worship house - Brahminism Name "Hindu" comes from the indus river. Third most popular religon, 750 million followers. Mean while chillin in Heven... Gods Brahma - The creator Vishnu - The preserver Siva - The destroyer Sarawathi - Goddess of Wisdom.

Lakasmi - Goddess of Wealth.

Parvati - Represent Shakti / Shiva's wife.

Genesha - Son of Shiva and Pravati. - Main symbol.
-The sound heard in deepest meditation.
- Aum, most suited for name of God. Vocab Brahman - Thousands of Gods, each god is part of a single supreme force.

Sect- Different religous groups.

Atman - Every person has essential self, this self is part of a universal soul.

Reincarnation - Rebirth of soul, after the body dies, the soul may be reborn as anything. God - Snake - Flower. Karma - means "to do". Law of Karma holds that every deed - mental or physical- in his/her life affects the persons fate and position.

Dharma - The duties or obligation each caste has.

Nirvana - the condition of not wanting anything. Bindi
Swastica Tilak Sacred Texts Vedas: Contain eternal truths that were revealed to wise men.

Upanishads: Help to explain the ideas contained in the vedas. oo PAN ih shade Law codes Narratives / poems Recarnation Rebirth Life Cycle Deeds Behavior Good work In your caste Practies and rituals The practise at for fulling their duties by following their obligations.
-caste system
-Recarnation Certain Rituals are performed to get closer to their gods,

Samskars- four stages of life
Griha - Everything has a soul - caste system -Brahman -Atman -Dharma -Moksha is the goal. By Aleks and Sanabel Caste system:

- Cannot chage level when alive

-Your caste is a result of karma from your past life

- Dharama , each caste system have their own duties and obligations Hinduism influnced Indian life in many ways
- Provides a guide to conduct
-Offers hope for a better life in the next life -Aryans

-Changes of Aryan ways were beginning of Hinduism

-Indus River

-Influenced many different cultures

-Spread to different parts of Asia Supreme Being
Divinity of four Vedas
Universe Creation, Preservation, and Dissolution
Other powerful beings
All life is sacred & to be loved
No one religion teaches the correct ways above all others Influences Hundreds of Gods Vedas:
4 main ones:
-The Rig
-The Sama
-The Yajur
-The Atharva Special Festivals Many festivals for various reasons, celebrate everything
-Shivaratri Bib: · "Hindu Gods and Hindu Goddesses : overview of the gods and goddesses of Hinduism." Sanatan Society : free wallpapers of hindu gods, yoga, meditation, indian astrology, ayurvedic massage, home remedies, vegetarian recipes, mantras,.. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Apr. 2011. .

· "Hinduism - Beliefs." Contender Ministries Apologetics, News, Forums, and Information for Christian Contenders. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Apr. 2011. <http://contenderministries.org/hinduism/hindubeliefs.php>.

· "The Sacred Scriptures and Literature of Hinduism." Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and Other Resources. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Apr. 2011. <http://www.hinduwebsite.com/
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