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Anna Goforth

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Ireland

Geography DUBLIN Beautiful Ireland Communicating in Ireland Religious Holy Days that are considered holidays include:
St. Patrick's Day (the country's national day)
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day Yum! Let's stay here! Ready to go to Ireland?
Let's learn a little more first. Holidays Easter Sunday Valentine's Day Different
perspectives St. Patrick's Day

(The country's national day!) Christmas Day St. Stephen's Holiday http://my.opera.com DUNLUCE CASTLE http://www.celtictours.com/ It is customary to shake hands with older children. Eye contact denotes trust and is maintained during a greeting. The basic greeting is a handshake and a hello. Greetings tend to be warm and friendly and often turn into conversations. Meeting Etiquette (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Obama knows how it's done! http://www.businessinsider.com/ Communicating and the aesthetics of beautiful IRELAND Religion and Rituals Halloween 3rd largest country in Europe 6% forests cool winters
mild summers Gaelic Roman Catholic •Irish culture is known around the world for its informality, friendliness and hospitality.

•They pride themselves in knowing that they are in many ways the opposite of their British neighbors due to their conflict and in recent years. This is seen through the way they interact in public, their business relations and the ability to break down walls in social hierarchy.

•“The Irish facilitate an open and fluid approach between people in public and private space, personal space is small and it is not uncommon for Irish people to show displays of affection in public. Thus it is not looked down upon . The Irish are known for their friendliness and adopt a first name basis for business and profession, this eliminates division of class or status.” (worldcultures.com) What makes Irish culture so unique? Dubbed the "Celtic Tiger" Ireland's Economy has grown an average of 7% each year. One of Europe's fastest growing countries. Its unemployment is also one of Europe's lowest at 4% (atozworldcultures.com)
The Irish economy is based primarily off of Food Products (agriculture and fishing) , brewing, textiles, clothing, and pharmaceuticals. (encyclopediabrittanica.com)
Agriculture however is the largest by far, reflecting the demographics of Ireland being primarily farmland. They produce, meat, dairy, potatoes, sugar beets, barley, wheat, and turnips.
•The fishing industry concentrates on cod, haddock, herring, mackerel, and shellfish. Irish Economy •The Irish form of government is a Parliamentary Democracy and is known for its postcolonialism, conservatism, localism, and familism.

•It consists of the presidency and two houses based upon a constitution.

There are two major political parties, the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, their origin is based upon the descendents of the irish civil war, one supporting a british ireland and another wanting a free Ireland.

• The people of Ireland vote, though often their vote is based off of the knowledge of the politician. Concequently the way they vote is based more upon a politicians character more than their political views. For this reason elected officials are often past sports heroes, publicans, and ex military.

•Politicians allow their constituents to go in and talk without an appointment further reflecting the mindset of the Irish, being that government has a face behind it giving a personal touch further supporting the image of a laid back ireland. Irish Government •Irish Family systems are rather traditional in comparison to American families. Though equality laws are put in place, the men are often still the ones to work.

•Due to this traditionalism and their devoutness to their religion, they do not value material goods as much of the other developed countries do, living a rather “laid back” lifestyle where God and family come first.

In regards to children and education, 98% of the population aged fifteen and over can read and write. The majority of four year olds attend nursery school, and all five year olds are in primary school. About 50% of youth attend third level education meaning universities, technological colleges, and education colleges. A few of which include the University of Dublin, The National University of Ireland, the University of Limerick and Dublin City University. (everyculture.com) Irish Family
•As is well known around the world, the Irish like their pubs. But to them the pub is more than alcohol, it is the center of many towns across Ireland, a place where many families can get together to see what’s going on in the community. Pubs also provide drinks, games, and entertainment.

• "The Irish pub serves as a place for entertainment where traditional Irish music is played. Bands play the fiddle, the tin whistle, and the bagpipe often. Songs are sung in Gaelic and at times accompanied by a Celtic harp." (atozworldculture.com)
Aside from pubs, no matter where irish live, the irish maintain a vibrant and lively folk culture. Thousands participate in the country's numerous social gatherings such as the amateur musical, dance, and storytelling events. Social Gatherings The irish way of life is peaceful, through primarily agriculture they make a living, following a parliamentary democracy. Their families are traditional and they like their pubs. Which brings us to communications with Anna. In summary St. Dabeoc's heath Irish spurge Irish orchid http://www.irishorchidsociety.org http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Y5AvJ55kbb4/T2SPOxO6pXI/AAAAAAAAAoU/TsUgPI2qk0o/s1600/IrishmanWalksOutOfABar.jpg http://www.dothegreenthing.com/blog/you_say_potato_i_say_f_ing_amazing http://technorati.com/business/advertising/article/what-irish-pub-bartenders-can-teach/ http://www.wildflowersofireland.net Traditions and Rituals Station Mass Folk Dancing Weddings St. Patrick's Day Did you know that it wasn’t until 1995 when the Irish government decided to start holding a parade in Dublin, to help boost tourism?
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