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Copy of Blackberry

Presentation comparing Blackberry's marketing activity in Canada and in Belgium

cynthia abreu

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Blackberry

Research Blackberry Market Analysis Table of Contents (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Cynthia sections 1-4:
Macro Business Environment
Industry Dynamics
Competitor Analysis
Armenta sections 5-6:
Customer Analysis with the Secondary Data
Customer Analysis with the Primary Data
Zuleima sections 7:
Segmentation and Target Selection
Tanya section 8:
Optimal Positioning
Kyle section 9:
Marketing Objectives and Goals
Shaina section 10:
Market Entry Decisions RIM - basic facts: Founded in 1984 by Greek Canadian businessman - Mihalis "Mike" Lazaridis

Headquarter situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada RIM :
marketer of wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market which provides platforms and solutions for access to information Product BB z10 is the first all touch screen BB phone
- 4.2” screen
- Voice control
- New app market
- Editing and sharing photos
- Blackberry Hub
- BBM video sharing (chat) Target Market Mission Statement Competitors: Blackberry Strategy Segregate their personal and work identities
Their target is focus on business user and personal users Marketing Mix of BlackBerry 3 components for a good mission statement:
Service: “To provide solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market”
Market: “Worldwide”
Differentiation: “provide mobile access to email, applications, media and the Internet” Cynthia section 1-4 Originally Business Oriented people
Working employees
Big corporations
Small business
All hyper socially connected and multitasking people
Everyone “To provide solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market, including software that allows the blackberry Smartphone to provide mobile access to email, applications, media and the Internet.” B2C marketing Macro Business Environment Trend Analysis: Blackberry’s market share has fallen from 7.4% to 5.4% over the past 5 months.
The Blackberry z10 is the last ditch effort to save company sales.
Need to compete with Apple and Samsung, who combined account for over 50% of the smartphone market share. Trend Analysis cont... What do they look for? Who are our customers? Blackberry has a strong share of the business market, popular with IT departments.
Current customers that exist from previous Blackberry products.
Potential customers include new smartphone users and young adults.
55% of the Z10’s sales come from existing smartphone platforms. How do they choose to buy? Industry Dynamics :NAICS DATA New Features The Blackberry Hub
The Blackberry keyboard
BBM Video and Screen Share
Time Shift Camera Mode
Blackberry Remember
Blackberry Balance
Intelligent Calendar Super fast Browsing
Trusted Security
Sharing Made Easy with NFC
Voice Control
Editing and Sharing Photos
Sharp Responsive Display Product Life Cycle The Blackberry has been introduced but not yet released, therefore it is in the growth stage of the product life cycle
Its success it essential for the survival of Blackberry Opportunities Threats The Blackberry z10 is a completely new way to experience a Blackberry product or Smartphone
Several new features are offered
Gives Apple and Android users an alternate option Blackberry has fallen so behind in the market
Loyal Blackberry users from the past may be unwilling to give the phone a chance because it is entirely different from what Blackberry usually produces
Blackberry has delayed their release date several times, giving their competitors an advantage - Apple
- Samsung
- Android
- Windows
- LG SW Table Snake Diagram Key
A: Apple
B: Samsung
C: Android
D: Windows
5=Lowest SWOT Table Customer Analysis with the Secondary Data Would you be interested in buying a new cell phone in a month? 14/25 What is the likelihood of you purchasing the new Blackberry z10? 15/25 Who affects your decision to buy a cell phone? How often do you purchase a new cell phone? What companies do you associate with quality cell phones? Where do you purchase your cell phone? How important is technology on your cell phone? 21 /25 VII. Segmentation and Target Selection Segmentation and Target Selection and Optimal positioning hgb Segmentation Tree Segmentation Build up Blackberry Z10 Marketing Objective and Goals: Increase market share to
Year 1: 15%
Year 2: 20%
Year 3: 30% Sales (units)
Year 1: 25 millionYear
2: 15 millionYear
3: 10 million Perceptual Map Microsoft Ease of use Efficiency Google Samsung Apple
Positioning Statement The Blackberry Z10 is the best cellular device to those consumers who are business professionals because it is highly efficient and easy to use.

Market entry Decisions Collaborators Timing is EVERYTHING
Blackberry z10 dropped in January
Was available in March for purchase through AT&T and Verizon
Market Entry Apple, Samsung, Android, LG, Windows
Blackberry is a follower in the cell phone market
Because of this, the competitors will not react to the Blackberry z10
The competitors already have brand loyal customers
Competitive Reaction Cell phone service providers
Retail stores
The End........
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