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Things Begin to Fall Apart...

No description

Zach Hamer

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Things Begin to Fall Apart...

Things Finally Begin to Fall Apart... Fading traditions Inability to adapt Stubborness Unwilling to
compromise Failure? Let's think about the newspaper
industry for a second... Most newspapers in the country aren't
doing so well because... the internet inability to adapt how to compete with online
news sources how to make money when
most internet sites are free Ibo people find their traditions are powerless
in dealing with new threat They attempt to end the
Christian threat by giving them land in the evil forrest. The Christians change several things
about the Ibo society: Calendar - 4 days to 7 days Social castes Role of Women Imagine an outside group imposing
changes onto your way of life. what would that be like? Okonkwo reacts in anger and violence to the Christians and Nwoye. But do his anger, violence, and stubborness
do anything? Okonkwo has an epiphany in
Chapter 17... Living fire begets cold,
impotent ash... An Epiphany is a moment of clarity
or understanding. However, his increasing anger begins to
seperate him from the rest of Mbanta. He thinks they are "womanly." At the end of chapter 19, Okonkwo throws a feast. He uses 3 goats when his wife thinks
2 will be enough. He is still worried about what people think
of him. Chapter 19 ends on an ominous note. An elder states he fears for the younger
generation. Why?
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