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Copy of Copy of 3D Sky and Space template

From "dusk to stars" by http://prezi.com/user/hu5r_m8kp33s/

Nick Rios

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of 3D Sky and Space template

Nick Rios
Goals for the future
middle school held many challenges
Bad grades
Personal reflection
GPA 2.7
8th grade wasn't that bad
Math is always a challenge
my dream job
Goals for the future
The salary ranges from less than$25,830 to more than $85,160 with an average of $43,980
Going to The school of visual art
Education and Experience
A bachelor in fine arts or master in fine arts
computer experience
A high school diploma is the minumum
To get in you must have a annotated portfolio
Students focus on drawing storyboard animation and animation history
Tuition $29,550
Portfolios are a collection of some of your best art work
Computer art students may focus on computer animation or visual effects or broadcast design
Go to the school of visual art
Become an animator
personal attributes
Must have be good at drawing and have good computer skills
ability to collaborate with others
good sense of color and motion
Long hours and requires self discipline
Thanks for listening
In high school get better organized and get better at math
hope you enjoyed my presentation
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