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System Documentation - Payroll

No description

Yo Gabagaba

on 29 December 2014

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Transcript of System Documentation - Payroll

System Documentation - Payroll
By: Krizzia Fabio
What is System Documentation?
Electronic system designed to organized and manage documents.
Documents are usually organized with software, which provides the user with the ability to access, modify, and centrally store the documents
5 common techniques:
1. Entity Relationship Diagram
2. Data Flow Diagrams
3. Document Flowcharts
4. System Flowcharts
5. Program Flowcharts

Data Flow Diagrams
-it graphically describes the flow of data within an organization.
-use symbols to represent the processes, data sources, data flows, and entities in a system
-represent the
logical elements
of the system and
do not represent the
physical system

1. Data sources and destinations
2. Data flows
3. Transformation processes
4. Data stores

Data Source or Data Destinations
AKA Entity Name
represents an organization or individual that sends or receives data that they system uses or produces
Data flows
AKA Direction of Data Flow
represents the flow of data between processes, data stores and data sources and destinations.
Transformation Processes
AKA Process Description
represents the transformations of data.
Data Stores
AKA Data Store Name
temporary or permanent repository of data.
Human Resource
Employee Data
Payroll Processing System
Government Agencies
Time Sheet
System Flowchart
A flowchart is an analytical technique used to describe some aspect of an information system in a clear, concise, and logical manner.

System Flowchart
illustrate the relationship among processes and the documents that flow between them
A system flowchart begins by identifying both the inputs that enter the system and their origins.
are used to represent the relationship between the key elements--input sources, programs, and output products--of computer systems
Flowchart Symbols:
Flowcharting symbols can be divided into the following four categories:
1. Input/output symbols
2. Processing symbols
3. Storage symbols
4. Flow and miscellaneous symbols

Flowcharting Symbols:
Some Input Output Symbols
Flowcharting Symbols:
Some Processing Symbols
Flowcharting Symbols:
Some Storage Symbols
Flowcharting Symbols:
Some Flow and Miscellaneous Symbols
DFDs emphasize the flow of data and what is happening in a system
a flowchart emphasizes the flow of documents or records containing data.
A DFD represents the logical flow of data
flowchart represents the physical flow of data.
DFDs are primarily used in the design of new systems and do not concern themselves with the physical devices used to process, store, and transform data.
Flowcharts are used primarily to document existing systems.
DFDs make use of only four symbols
Flowcharts use many symbols and thus can show more detail.
The following describes the payroll procedures for a hypothetical company.

Every Thursday, the timekeeping clerk sends employee time cards to the payroll department for processing. Based on the hours worked reflected on the time cards, the employee pay rate, and the withholding information in the employee file, and the tax rate reference file, the payroll clerk calculates gross pay, withholdings and net pay for each employee. The clerk then manually prepares paychecks for each employee, files hard copies of the paychecks in the payroll department, and posts the earnings to the hard-copy employee records. Finally, the clerk manually prepares a payroll summary and sends it and the paychecks to the cash disbursements department.

The cash disbursements clerk reconciles the payroll summary with the paychecks and manually records the transaction in the hard-copy cash disbursements journal. The clerk then files the payroll summary and sends the paychecks to the treasurer for signing.
The signed checks are then sent to the paymaster, who distributes them to the employees on Friday morning.

Prepare a data flow diagram and a system flow chart of the payroll procedures previously described.

Data Flow Diagram
Accounting Information Systems, 9/e, Romney/Steinbart
Principles of Accounting Information Systems, Philippine Edition, Hall
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