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Cell Organelle Analogies for a zoo

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Jeannie Suns

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Organelle Analogies for a zoo

The Nucleus-
The Nucleus is like the Info Desk because the nucleus is in the center and controls the cell like the info desk gives direction and controls the zoo. Cell Organelle Analogies
for a Zoo The Nucleolus-
The nucleolus is like the zoo manager because the nucleolus directs the assembly of proteins within the nucleus like the zoo manager directs the zookeepers in the zoo. The Cell Wall-
The cell wall is like the concrete walls because the cell wall supports the cell like the concrete walls support the zoo. The Cell Membrane-
The cell membrane is like the turn styles in the zoo because the cell membrane controls what comes in/out the cell like the turn styles control the people who come in/out the zoo. The Cytoskeleton-
The cytoskeleton is like the fence because the cytoskeleton surrounds the cell like the fence surrounds the zoo. Vacuole-
A vacuole is like a pond in a zoo because a vacuole stores water for the cell like a pond stores water for the animals. Lysosomes-
Lysosomes are like custodians because lysosomes clean up unwanted wastes in the cell like custodians clean up wastes in the zoo. Cytoplasm-
Cytoplasm is like air because cytoplasm fills up the empty spaces in a cell like air fills up the empty spaces in the zoo. Golgi Apparatus-
The golgi apparatus is like the food carts because the golgi apparatus ships/packages things to leave the cell like food carts ship food to the animals' cages. Mitochondria-
Mitochondria is like solar panels because mitochondria provides energy to the cell like solar panels provide energy to the zoo. Chloroplast-
Chloroplast is like grass because chloroplast uses the sun's energy for the cell like grass uses the sun's energy to make food for animals. The Endoplasmic Reticulum-
The ER is like the trian because the ER transports products around the cell like the train transports people around the zoo. Ribosomes-
Ribosomes are like zookeepers because ribosomes hook together to assemble proteins like the zookeepers put together products to make food for the animals. Chromosome-
A chromosome is like the map because a chromosome is a single DNA that carry's important info and the design of the cell like the zoo map has important info and shows the design of the zoo. Centriole-
A centriole is like an animal classification because contrioles organize cell division like an animal classification sets up the order of the animals.
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