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YourPrezi /// Custom Prezi Design and Training Services

This is an introductory prezi, highlighting my services

YourPrezi (PYP)

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of YourPrezi /// Custom Prezi Design and Training Services

Hi, my name is Peter Puklus and I am a photographer and
a freelance visual communication designer specialized in Prezi. I am based in Budapest, Hungary.

I believe that Prezi allows us to communicate better. What I really love in Prezi is the possibility to show the overall canvas, the connection between different topics and its ability of zooming into small details. This is a new language in the world of presentations and I speak this language. In the last three years I had the opportunity to work with top TED and WEF speakers among others.

Let me show you some of my works here. Your custom Prezi design and training http://www.yourprezi.com/ Category CV & Prezumé Link to the original prezi http://prezi.com/5dv_h_s7umoo/angelie-agarwal/ Client Angelie Agarwal Category Sales & Promotion Link to the original prezi http://prezi.com/d6lkfpedbx05/pocketguide/ Client PocketGuide Category Programme & Guide Link to the original prezi http://prezi.com/kainurw7ggdr/world-economic-forum-official-programme/ Client World Economic Forum Category People & Idea Link to the original prezi http://prezi.com/u8i1a__brbc6/the-untapped-powers-of-the-smile-ron-gutman-ted-talk/ Client Ron Gutman / TED talk Category Business & Dialogue Link to the original prezi http://prezi.com/mhydnor23bzs/v4-thunderbird/ Client Thunderbird Ron Gutman's talk on YouTube "Peter was beyond great to work with. We're in LA and he's in Europe, so we would remote with skype and screen share. He was very quick and has a fantastic eye for design and is fun to work with. His Prezi really helped us raise lots of money too." Kurt Daradics Co-Founder, CitySourced "I am impressed, it's a real masterpiece!" Zarándy Katalin Marketing Director, Sió-Eckes Kft. "Peter provided me with a timely and creative service - the end result was a Prezi which wowed my colleagues and presented our sales pitch in a fluid and slick way." Linsay Duncan Director of Marketing EMEA & APAC,
Mintel International "Peter was not only extraordinarily creative in designing my prezi presentation, but was also able to clearly understand my needs and to be precisely consistent in conveying my message. Better than Peter only two Peters." Helio Mattar Idealizer, Co-founder and President,
Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption,
Sao Paulo, Brazil e
p hello@yourprezi.com
00 36 30 312 0345
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