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Pottery Project By Ashley Drake


Ashley Drake

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Pottery Project By Ashley Drake

Tools Cutting Tools - used for cutting Needle Tool - used for scoring
clay and cutting wet slabs Cut-Off Wires - used for
cutting large lumps of clay Fettling Knife - used for
cutting harder clay Wire End Tool - used for
cutting hand built pieces Fettling Knife - used for trimming slabs and thrown pieces Ribbon Tool - used for trimming greenware Loop Tool - used for trimming pieces made on the wheel Trimming Tools - used for trimming Decorative Tools - used for making decorative textures Wooden Modeling Tool - different shapes for several textures Rib Tool - used mostly with the wheel Scraper - used interchangeably with the rib tool http://www.bigceramicstore.com/supplies/kempertools/kemper_woodmodel.htm many different types of wooden modeling tools http://www.bigceramicstore.com/supplies/kempertools/kemper_potterribs.htm many different types of ribs and scrapers Sponges - several uses two categories: natural
synthetic Seawool Sponge - very absorbent, tear resistant, used to apply glaze and leave a stippling effect, big pores Silk Sponge - similar to seawool, but with smaller pores, used for throwing, finishing, and smoothing Elephant Ear Sponge - fine texture, durable and absorbent, good for wiping dust off/out of bisque ware Cellulose Sponge - like a kitchen sponge, not good to use on clay, but good for clean up PVA Sponge - very absorbent and durable; rigid when dry, and softens quickly when wet with warm water; abrasion, shred and tear resistant, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes By Ashley Drake
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